10 Iconic Things to Do In New York City

One of the biggest and most impressive cities in the world, New York has long been a bastion of unique architecture and personal expression. At very few places anywhere, can you feel as much electricity in the air and such an energetic vibe as you can in “the Big Apple.”

Outside of all the bluster and the madness, though, there are some truly remarkable things to do and places to visit. If you are planning on going to New York, make a point of trying to fit in all of the following;

Of-Course Some Fun 🙂

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Filled with Egyptian, Greek and Roman sculptures to name but a few of the civilisations kept alive through this stunning museum, you’ll find all the history and culture of Western society you needNYCTourMap here. The Metro is also a great place to grab a quick brunch among the remnants of ancient cultures. And it’s open seven days a week and provides a truly amazing learning experience.

Central Park

Continuing on your visit, you can walk south through Central Park on the many pathways. Along the way of your refreshing scroll you’ll truly be able to explore the history of New York. The large boulders you discover – seemingly dropped there by giants – are called drop-stones. These huge rocks were in fact really dropped there, but by glaciers during the ice age.

Going to a Broadway Play

There’s probably no other city in the world so well received and loved by patrons of the arts, especially on the theatrical side of things. New York City puts the “Broadway” in Broadway Play, and is home to literally hundreds of theatres. Some of the most popular plays you may want to take in include “A Delicate Balance,”  “Kinky Boots” and “A Book of Mormon.” We got great tickets to It’s Only A Play from With less than 24hrs notice we were able to get amazing seats lined-up.

Times Square

 A truly amazing experience is visiting Times Square.  The energy of the City seems to radiate from this iconic location. Many cafes can be found in area, and would a delightful spot to grab lunch and watch all the people as they go about their business.

Visit Grand Central

With architecture over a century old and roughly 750,000 people passing through Grand Central Station everyday, you can get an idea of what a day in New York can be like. It’s got that nostalgic beauty that makes it stand out, but the interior runs at a million miles per hour!

Top of the Rock

Thinking of heading up the Empire State Building? The Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller Center gives you a view that’s every bit as glamorous. You’ll get some amazing shots of the city below, especially if you arrive just before sunset and catch the city transforming with light.

Walk the High Line

A quick jaunt to the west of the Empire State Building you run into the Chelsea Historic District. Here you’ll discover a park that runs through Chelsea, and you’ll soon come across the stunning High Line. It’s a 1.45 mile walk that, throughout its duration, will show you more than 300 different forms of plant life as well as stunning features that have been installed. If you want to get back to nature a little, start here.

Whiskey Bars

You must experience the night life in New York City at least once, and Whiskey Bars are a big part of the NY lifestyle. If you head on down to Soho Grand you’ll find some great whiskey bars with more than 50 different types to try. If you like to wet your lips, and dull the senses, you should take a stroll down here.

The Classic Pizza

New York pizza is extremely famous, and if you are in town you absolutely must visit Lombardi’s and grab a piece of “pie.” It’s one of the oldest chains in the city and provides you with some truly top notch pizza. There’s plenty of selection outside of Lombardi’s, too, so if you aren’t a fan you can easily go elsewhere.

Statue of Liberty

Visiting the Statue of Liberty should be every American’s patriotic duty. But make sure you reserve a whole day to catch the morning ferry over, and visit this gift to our nation from our oldest friends the French. Created by the architect of the Eiffel Tower, the 151 ft statue of “Liberty Enlightening the World” has welcomed millions of “huddled masses” coming to America.

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