10 Things to Do In Phuket

For your next Phuket Thailand travel experience, try the below 10 things that will surely blow your mind away and leave you wanting more and more.

  • Surf

In a place like Phuket, you are going to want to surf. It is perfect for the sporty and the adventurous who love the water and getting in on the action with the stunning waves that come crushing down here.

  • Old Phuket

You have plenty to see around Old Phuket, such as shops and bakeries, that all have a traditional feel. You have access to amazing foods and items while experiencing a part of Phuket that you will not find elsewhere.

  • Soi Bangla

Drinks, food, and adult fun for those searching all make this a great location. While it is certainly not the place to go for family fun out, it is perfect for couples and single adults looking to spice up their Phuket travel time with a bit of excitement.

  • Simon Cabaret

This cabaret show is going to have you amazed from the moment that it starts. With beautiful costumes and exceptional music, along with men who can pull off these outfits to the point that you may not be able to tell the difference, anyone who walks in will find this entertaining.

  • Boxing

Watching a Thai boxing match is something that you want to do in Thailand. If you have a love for the sport, and if you want to see it performed live by professionals who grew up here, there is no better place to go than Thailand itself, especially with so many options in Phuket.

  • Chamber of Secrets

Chamber of Secrets requires you to use your mental skills to complete various logical riddles and puzzles before time runs out. You have to work quickly, accurately, and confidently to finish them all before your hour is up.

  • The Escape Hunt

Play as the famous detective Sherlock in order to gather clues to escape. It is a thrilling experience that forces you to use your mind and skills to solve the various puzzles in front of you before time runs out.

  • Siam Niramit Phuket

For anyone who wants to get in touch with the traditions and culture of Thailand, this is something that you must see. It is a beautiful and exciting creation that brings together everything that you love, and maybe did not know, about Thailand.

  • Big Buddha

Big Buddha is a main piece of Phuket. If you are visiting, you have to check it out and marvel at its massive size. Whether you are a Buddhist or not, it is still one experience that will leave you amazed at its simple magnificence.

  • Beaches

No Phuket travel experience is complete without visiting the many beaches that await you here. This is a beautiful location with plenty of natural wonders and sights that will leave you stunned, including the clear waters on the warm beaches. Visiting one is a fantastic escape and way to relax for everyone.


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