3 Must-See Places When Visiting London

Visiting London is a chance in a lifetime for many, but the burning question is what should we aim to visit while there? Read on and we detail 3, star London attractions, which you will enjoy visiting while in London.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge, built in 1886 is a bridge that crosses the River Thames in Central London. It is closely situated to the Tower of London, from which it gets its name.

Tower Bridge was built to address a big problem related to an ever expanding commercial centre in London – that a new crossing over the River Thames was needed, below London Bridge, but an ordinary bridge was out of the question as it would have disrupted tall-masted ships from sailing up the strategically important River Thames.

A committee was formed in 1877, and the role of the committee was to decide what the best option was to address the need for a new crossing to be constructed over the Thames. The committee was headed by Sir Albert Altman and his recommendation was for Tower Bridge to be built, which did not happen until 1884 when a design submitted by Sir Horace Jones was eventually approved by the “powers that be”!

Nelson’s Column

Nelson’s Column – a nod to the famous Admiral Horatio Nelson is located in Trafalgar Square. It commemorates his death in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

At more than 50 metres tall it is one of the highest attractions in London, and one of the most historically significant. At its summit is a statute of Admiral Nelson, in full military regalia.

The building that stands today was most recently renovated in 2006, at a cost of nearly half a million pounds. The original structure was built at the recommendation of a committee which met to decide on a fitting tribute to Admiral Nelson, who was famed for his bravery in battle.

The building which stands today was started in the year 1840, and 10 years later, following cash flow problems for the organisation committee of the monument, the structure was not yet complete. The column was most recently refurbished in 2006 as part of a regeneration programme.

Number 10 Downing Street

10 Downing Street is the executive headquarters of the Prime Minister of England and Wales whose official residence is Chequers. The structure that stands today was built by Sir George Downing in 1682 and it has served as the headquarters of some of the most famous British Prime Ministers including Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair.

The site of “Number 10” as it is colloquially known has long been of strategic importance and over the centuries it has housed such dignitaries as William Pitt the Younger.

Number 10 has been refurbished on several occasions between 1960 and 1990, and today it houses many artifacts of great historical importance including busts, paintings and sculptures.


So that is the round-up of what to see in London. If you have a comment, why not post it and start a discussion! Want to learn more about London’s attractions? Check out the London Skyline website for a full list of what else you definitely shouldn’t miss during your visit!

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