Birthday Party in Dubai

3 Unique Ways to Throw a Birthday Party in Dubai

A birthday party is a happy occasion regardless of how old you are. It is a time when you call friends and family over and throw a party that brings together joy, laughter, great company, fabulous food and gifts of course. While there are many ways in which you can plan a birthday party, why not think of doing it in Dubai? Dubai offers:

  • Spectacular vistas
  • Service providers who will work with you to plan a special birthday party
  • Opportunities to savor local culture and cuisine and
  • Magnificent venues which will suit any age group when it comes to planning a party.

While there are quite a few birthday party venues in Dubai, here are three unique ways in which you can throw a party to remember.

Go on a camping Trip in Hatta Mountains

There are very few locations in the world which can give you a combination of activities and advantages such as:

  • A wonderful heritage village
  • Wadi bashing
  • Breathtaking views
  • Rock pools
  • Desert safaris of various kinds
  • A 16th century fort and
  • Delicious, sumptuous and traditional food.

Indeed, we are talking about the magnificent Hatta Mountains which can be such an interesting venue for a birthday party simply because you can go camping and commune with Mother Nature at so many levels. Camping is such an interesting way to celebrate a birthday and you can choose your cup of adventure from a huge selection of activities. Most service operators offer a flexible range of packages which can be tailor made according to the number of people who are coming up to Hatta Mountains for the occasion.

Rent a Dhow for a dinner or a lunch cruise

One of the most innovative birthday party venues in Dubai is a Floating Dhow Restaurant. Imagine being able to throw a spectacular birthday party when you are floating gently down Dubai Creek or Dubai Marina. A traditional sailing vessel is known as a dhow and when you choose a service operator who gives you the entire package of fabulous fare and a traditional sailing vessel, then you know that it will be a birthday party to remember.

Some of the things that you can enjoy when you choose a dinner or lunch cruise aboard a dhow are:

  • Making it a theme based celebration
  • Spectacular views of the cosmopolitan city that Dubai is
  • Flexible arrangements of tables and chairs
  • Customized birthday party menus – traditional Arabic fare included
  • Live shows of various kinds that will delight your guests
  • Hiring service providers such as decorators, photographers and even party planners so that your birthday party comes alive with merriment and memories.

Go for a session of paintball

Who does not love paintball! This simulated shooting game can turn adults into the children that they once were! Children will be completely delighted by the opportunity to don masks, shooting gear, protective clothing and then go completely haywire trying to shoot each other. Obviously then, as birthday party venues in Dubai go, doing it paintball style is an extremely unique choice indeed!

There are different venues that you can choose from when it comes to planning a birthday party around a paintball session. Some of the choices are:

  • The magnificent wadis of Dubai
  • Paintball parks
  • Venues ensconced within the many theme parks that operate in Dubai
  • The deserts or sands of Dubai and
  • Several indoor venues as well.

The interesting part about a paintball birthday party is the fact that there are many unique ways in which the event can be conducted. So do be sure to speak to your service provider or party planner and ensure that you get the most interesting approach to paintball that is possible.

Service providers; as far as paintball venues are concerned; can give you flexible packages that can cover aspects such as the number of paintballs, food, protective gear and so on. Since most of them also have economical rates that can be adjusted according to the number of people in the group, you can rest assured that you will get some extraordinarily inexpensive rates for some super extraordinary fun.

There is no denying the fact that Dubai has spectacular venues when it comes to planning a birthday party. Imagine having such a versatility of choice – Mountains, dhows and paintball!

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