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4 Coolest Bowling Alleys in the US

Bowling has long been considered a classic American pastime, and it’s celebrated in pop culture, movies, and television shows as great family fun. Bowling doesn’t always mean borrowed shoes and matching team shirts. In fact, sometimes a bowling alley can be a chic place to go for entertainment and refreshments. Some of the best places to live have the coolest bowling alleys like these five gems.

Indy’s Atomic Duckpin Bowling in Indianapolis, IN

Indy’s Atomic Duckpin Bowling is a great place for history enthusiasts and those looking to have a great time in a different way. Restored to look like a 1930’s bowling alley, and furnished with vintage equipment, this bowling alley is located in the basement level of a building, so you may feel a bit like you just walked into Cheers. Other forms of entertainment at this cool establishment include a jukebox and a billiard table. It has a full-service café, as well.

Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, NY

Perhaps as modern as Indy’s Atomic Duckpin Bowling is vintage, Brooklyn Bowl was created with the use of state-of-art green construction, and it operates with environmentally friendly business practices. What guests usually focus on, however, is the fun. It attracts so many great musical artists that “Rolling Stone” named it as being in the top 20 music clubs in the country.

There’s a lot more to Brooklyn Bowl than music, though. Guests can enjoy bowling on 16 lanes with a high-tech automated scoring system. Shoes are for rent, and socks are even for sale here. They anticipate the needs of guests and work to exceed them.

Mid-City Lanes Rock ‘n’ Bowl in New Orleans, LA

With a stage that’s often filled with the best live performers New Orleans has to offer, the Mid-City Lanes Rock ‘n’ Bowl is as fun-filled as it is affordable. You can rent bowling shoes for a mere dollar per pair at this alley, and classic New Orleans fare is served to guests. When you want to blend live entertainment, bowling, great food, and socializing, this bowling alley is a smart choice.

Bowl and Barrel in Dallas, TX

Bowl and Barrel is a bowling alley and tavern, and it’s every bit as lively as this type of blended establishment should be. It provides what’s referred to as “boutique bowling” to guests from all walks of life, and it caters to both locals and tourists.

A first-class selection of beers is served up daily, and the full-service restaurant serves American food, including pretzels, salads, and desserts. The upscale bowling alley is great for individuals or groups who want to play. This is a popular place for parties and special events, too.

Finally, keep in mind that these bowling alleys are only a sampling of the hundreds of incredible and unique bowling alleys found throughout the United States. Be sure to check the top cities where you want to live for what they have to offer when it comes to fun bowling alleys and other forms of entertainment.

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