5 Best Places to Visit in Bali

  1. Pura Luhur Uluwatu

This can be your first stop after landing. If you happened to reach Bali in late afternoon, go to uluwatu and enjoy the sunset there.uluwatu02
It houses one of a few most sacred temples on the island, Pura (temple) Luhur Uluwatu. Built on the top of a steep cliff, which fences a surf break. The entire cliff looks stunningly beautiful during the sunset. You can just stand on any side and enjoy the sunset, or you can also choose an entertaining Kecak Dance Show. Ticket box is open every 5pm. Either way, you would love it. One note about the temple, there are some monkeys running around in the area. It is not allowed to wear sun glasses, carry food or other valuable things, they are aggressive in the sense of taking stuff from the visitors.

  1. Jimbaran

On the way back to the city from Uluwatu, it should be dinner time.  Don’t skip Jimbaran. Having a fresh seafood dinner on the beach is a perfect way to end your first day before you rest in a hotel. There are two areas to choose, the first one is called Kedonganan. There are some seafood restaurants along the beach, next to a fish market. The second area is just behind Four Seasons hotel. They don’t really have much difference, just choose whichever.

  1. Devdan Show

Bali is just one island among thousands in Indonesia. It is a colorful country in many ways. Thedevdan_show_kecak people, the culture, the food, the traditions. It even has hundreds of languages. Dedvan Show offers a pretty unique way to give you a glimpse on what is the country all about. You (and your children) will witness the diversity of the culture through traditional dances, wrapped in a modern choreographed ballets. Once in a while you will be amazed with its stage effects, such as a rain drop, or some fire.  An easy way to enjoy Indonesia in 90 minutes.  A fun educational performance for your kids. They will love it, it’s one of the most popular Bali attractions.

  1. Ubud

Lately, Ubud is a little bit saturated. It’s more crowded than ever. But, its magic doesn’t stop drawing attention. Even though it’s 2Ubud
hours away from the hustle and bustle southern Bali, but it’s still worth a visit. Go around in the city, you will find some interesting little boutiques and restaurants, such as Mammamia italian restaurant, Seniman coffee shop, Warung Pulau Kelapa  Indonesian restaurant, and the best gelato on the island, Gaya gelato. You can also visit Ubud traditional market. This place accommodate hundreds of handicraft sellers. You may find some hidden gems here.  If you were tired of crowds, go a little bit up from Ubud to Tegalalang. Have your lunch there overlooking a rice field.

  1. Petitenget Road

It has been a road of high-end cuisines in Bali. It houses some of the most regarded restaurants such as Sarong, Metis, Biku, Potato Head, etc. But not only that, now Petitenget is shifting into the centre of the most popular nigh-out spots. Have your dinner in one of those restaurants mentioned above (reservation is always required!). Continue to Red Carpet for one of two glasses of wine. A little bit late in the evening, you can sour some bars and clubs, such as La Favela and Town House.

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