5 Craziest Things to Experience in Dubai

The hospitality of Arabs, eclectic architecture, exquisite hotels, excellent cuisine, amazing warm water and cozy beaches – what else a common tourist could wish for? But what can do in Dubai those who are bursting with energy and craving for adrenaline? Luckily, this cosmopolitan city has lots of surprises in this regard. And no matter how crazy your entertainment demands are, you can be sure that in Dubai they will be satisfied to the full.

Now check out a short list of the most incredible experiences, which the fans of extreme pastime can enjoy in Dubai. Are you ready for the adventures?


Ballooning is one of the oldest air entertainments in the UAE. The most popular company in Dubai with vast experience in organizing this kind of exciting adventure is Balloon Adventures Emirates LLC. The flights take place in a desert oasis, located within one hour drive from Dubai.


Amazing air travel over the desert will definitely appeal to every fan of extreme adventures. It will allow you to get rid of the endless city bustle and enjoy a wonderful travel, while admiring Dubai from another – unusual and amazing side. The only inconvenience of this entertainment is that you need to get up early, since the morning is the best time for this kind of flights. However, the bright emotions that can bring you this 1 hour trip are really worthy of it.

Keep in mind that the flights are organized between October and early May.

Camel racing

Camel racing in Dubai is one of the most popular and exotic entertainments among tourists. For the Arabs this sport is an excitement, passion, and a reminder of the centuries-old traditions. Camel racings are held in Dubai on a regular basis, so everyone has a chance to witness the event.


Mostly, the competitions are held every week in the period from late October till mid-April. Therefore, if you want to participate in camel racings, it’s recommended to come to Dubai within those months.

The quantity of camels involved in the competition ranges from 15 to 70. During the race the animals’ speed reaches 60 km/h. The riders are the boys with low weight, and whose age is minimum 15 years. Gaining a victory in the racing is very profitable and prestigious, since the prize pool in Dubai can reach 1 million dollars!

In order to get to the racing you can catch one of the buses departing from the hotels. As an alternative, you can take a taxi or use a rental car.

Diving with sharks

Are you ready to face the world’s greatest predator? 10-million litre Aquarium in Dubai provides the opportunity to thrill the nerves by diving to the accompaniment of a huge number of sand tiger sharks!

The dives are held three times per day in small groups. Qualified diving instructors accompany every diving. If you are a certified diver and have a certificate from a licensed establishment, you can start the diving straight away. If you are not a certified diver, or even if you can’t swim, you can admire the marine wonders after passing a short training course.
The minimum age required for diving with sharks is 10 years.


Infinite seconds of waiting, increased heart rate, a moment of madness … and a severe gust of wind throws you down at a speed of 210 km/h!


Skydivers around the world come to Dubai to defy gravity and demonstrate their courage. Along with other sports, skydiving in Dubai is available all year round. It is noteworthy that both professionals and the beginners can test their abilities in skydiving.

To get started you will be asked to pass a test flight in a special wind tunnel, and after a short briefing, you will have the opportunity to make your first exciting parachute jump and see Dubai from the height.

There are various flying clubs in Dubai, featuring modern appliances and equipment. You can skydive with an instructor, alone or in a group.

Undoubtedly, even seasoned travelers will be impressed by free falling at incredible speed and dizzy height!


Warm sea and great air flows on numerous Dubai beaches create excellent conditions for kitesurfing, which are especially appreciated by the true fans of this fascinating kind of extreme water sports!


The most ideal conditions for kitesurfing on the territory of Dubai are offered on Kite Beach, which is a favored destination among kitesurfers from different parts of the world. This beach is just perfect for various exciting water sports. It is worth noting that it’s quite difficult to predict the weather conditions and the wind strength suitable for this entertainment. The most opportune time for kitesurfing on the beach is considered from 2 PM till 4 PM.

In addition, a visit to Kite Beach will be interesting for those who want to diversify the holidays in Dubai. This place doesn’t feature usual beach facilities, which are usually provided on the paid local beaches, but this is what makes Kite Beach especially attractive, since you can rest in a secluded place away from all the fuss, while enjoying a beautiful nature around!

See what great surprises and interesting entertainments Dubai has prepared for you? However, this city can offer much more incredible entertainments to its guests. So, no matter how many times you come to Dubai, you can always get new unforgettable experiences, which will be cherished for a lifetime!

Author Bio: Lily Berns likes to write and take photos of interesting places. During her free time, she travels in different countries with her friends.


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