hidden holiday Spots in the UK

5 Hidden Holiday Spots in the UK

Planning a vacation is quite exciting. You look forward to a time of rest and relaxation and maybe an amazing adventure. Often when you plan on going to a popular place, you will find yourself worrying about the huge crowds and the fact that you may not enjoy your vacation at all.

It is always good to unwind and take a break at some place that is quiet and free from hordes of people. There are a lot of yet unknown beautiful spots that will fit the bill. After all, you are taking a vacation so that you can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Here is a list of five wonderful but hidden holiday Spots in the UK:

  1. Steephill Cove

You will find Steephill Cove in the Isle of Wightephill. This is a breathtaking beach that you can reach by foot. You can get there by taking the coastal path from the Botanic Gardens. You will discover spectacular shingle even though there are little to no sand on the shore. The cove is lined with charming beach huts, cottage gardens and rock pools. Have a quiet and relaxing escapade in this Mediterranean-inspired holiday spot.

  1. Worbarrow Bay, Dorset

Discover an enchanting getaway on the isolated coast of the Isle of Purbeck. Worbarrow Bay is situated within the Lulworth Ranges so the parking is about a mile away and you need to walk for 20 minutes to get there. It is worth it, however, once you see the magnificent cliffs and wind-carved stones. The bay is only accessible on weekends and other specific dates so make sure you check first to make your reservations.

  1. Moor Sands, South Devon

If you want to enjoy beautiful blue-green sea with fine sand on an offshore island, then head off to East Prawl, South Devon. You will find a picturesque stretch of lush meadows and cool waters. Enjoy a tranquil time by yourself or spend a romantic moment with a loved one. It can also be a great getaway for groups of friends.

  1. Covehithe, Suffolk

Looking for a spot that sits at the far ends of the earth? The beach of Covehithe will flfill that fantasy. It is situated along a dead-end lane which falls off on the verge of a cliff. It stands above the remains of St. Andrews Church, making the place even more dramatic and serene. You can reach this hidden place via a footpath that is located about a hundred meters before the church. Trod along that path and follow the field to get to the quiet beach.

  1. Heart of Lakes, Lake District

Relax in the midst of the National Park by booking a night or two in some of the luxury Lake District cottages this region has to offer. The Lake District is the best place for a self-catering vacation. While you are there, you can enjoy the comforts of home away from home. Take pleasure in the beautiful, peaceful surroundings while not worrying about the convenience of sleeping quarters and other amenities. Take a little stroll in the night and you will surely enjoy the variety of pubs or bonfires.

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