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5 Italian Destinations Off The Beaten Track

Italy offers many wonderful destinations, from world-famous cities with fantastic attractions to stunning beaches. But there is another side to the country where you can get right off the beaten track.

Why would you want to do this?

You may have seen the main attractions before, or you might simply want more space for the kids or to get away from the crowds. Whatever your reasons, it can be a great option.

There may not be as much infrastructure if you go into the countryside, and it might be harder to get around. For that reason, hiring a car is often recommended. You may also want to brush up on your Italian because fewer people are likely to speak English.

Here are five great options that you could consider to get off the beaten track during family holidays in Italy.

  1. The Lakes

The lakes are popular with tourists, especially in the summer, when many people stay in the towns near to Lake Como. However, you can easily escape into the countryside from your base.

Hiking is popular here, even for families, because easy walks are available. Buy a guide to the walks so you can plan your routes, and go exploring.

This is a great option if you want to stay somewhere where all of your needs are met, but where you can quickly escape into the countryside.

  1. Puglia

Puglia is the ‘heel’ of the country on maps of Italy, and it is a great place to escape the tourist crowds. There is plenty of coast to explore, where you will find peaceful beaches with clear water.

You could visit the Salento Peninsula in the south, where you will find Lecce with its Baroque architecture as well as other coastal towns like Otranto.

  1. Le Marche

Le Marche is located in central Italy, and there are not as many tourists here as in other areas like Tuscany. However, there is still plenty to see, making it the perfect place to escape on holiday.

Hills, vineyards and castles are plentiful, and you can also visit pleasant towns like Urbino or Ascoli Piceno with its beautiful main square.

  1. The Maremma

Tuscany is a region known for attracting tourists. However, there are are some areas where it is very easy to escape, like the Maremma in the southwest.

Here you will find stunning coasts, small towns, picturesque vineyards and beautiful countryside. Visit Saturnia with its hot springs, and Castiglione della Pescaia, a pleasant coastal town.

  1. Spello

Spello is a hill town in Umbria that is easy to reach by train, which is useful if you don’t have a car. It is only about two hours from Rome, but it is a world away from the capital.

You will find it to be an atmospheric town with great restaurants and historic attractions like its ancient walls. You will see a more traditional way of life here, and there are few other tourists.

If you want to go exploring, consider hiking out into the olive groves for a real adventure.

Discover the real Italy

There are many more places where you can get off the beaten track, and these are simply five of the best. Discover them yourself when you plan your family holiday, whether you want to visit two, three or even more destinations.

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