5 Places in Thailand that You Have to Visit

Thailand is the travel destination that is popular with many tourists. The best time to visit Thailand is during the winter holiday season, although the accommodation may prove hard to find during those days. However, the climate is amazing on Thailand and, actually, you only may want to avoid it from July to September as the monsoons may hit the country and it may rain all the time. But once you set the date, here are the five things you should definitely visit during your stay there.

Visiting Ayuthaya and Kanchanaburi

These two places are really important for the tradition and the cultural heritage of Thailand. Ayuthaya includes the UNESCO registered Historical Park that is full of amazing temples and intertwining rivers. Visiting those temples and exploring the park is both cultural and adventurous experience as you can go hiking to all those temples through the amazing pathways in the nature, rent a bike or even go for the boat trips along the rivers. This can really turn into an adventure when you go and visit Kanchanaburi that offers the wonderful view of the Huai Mae Khamin Waterfall, hiking, biking, rafting and other activities and even possible visits to the Wat Pa Luangta Bua Yanasampanno. This is a tiger conservation that is just awesome as both domestic and wild animals live in peace there, together and with monks.

Admiring Phuket

When you browse for the photos of beaches and the sea to put some cool ones on your desktop, the chances are that most of them will actually be the photos of Phuket. This is a wonderful natural paradise where you should definitely come and steal a couple of days away for yourself, to have a cocktail in your hand and explore the unrealistically stunning beaches of this wonderful island.

Getting to Know Bangkok

The busy capital of Thailand is a must-see destination on your trip here. You get to know an important part of modern culture of any country by getting to know its capital. While it is possible to enjoy the cultural heritage sites as numerous temples in Bangkok, it is also possible to enjoy the buzzing and hectic markets Panthip Plaza and Chatuchak Market. While Panthip is an IT market that offers real bargains, Chatuchak is the place where you can find just about anything that you can think of. It is also the best place for the brave to try some insect delicacies from the food stalls.

Experiencing Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is among the most important cultural destinations on Thailand. Since it is a bit more toned down version of Bangkok, Chiang Mai doesn’t lack things to do and see. To truly experience this city, try and visit the many temples. While they are architectural and art gems, the monks there also offer meditation courses for people. What better way to learn meditation than in one of these temples.

Staying at Koh Samui

To get the real taste of amazing life in Thailand, it would be best if you could move to Koh Samui for at least two months. It is possible to rent one of the villas there and make this your base from which you can explore the rest of the Thailand. It is not as busy as Bangkok while it has all the necessary things like spas, shopping opportunities, sports activities, a lot of restaurants and other things you need to live somewhere comfortably.

This is just scratching the surface of the vast touristic potential of Thailand. However, it is such a colorful and eventful place that even if you choose just one of these five things, you will end up with unforgettable experience.

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