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5 Stunning Spots To Hike In United States

Hiking is one of the most famous, favorite and adventurous activity of many people. It is done in almost every mountainous area. It is also known as hill climbing. Hiking is usually a long distance, climb. The people of the United States are so much into hiking and mostly spend their leisure time in hiking spots. Some of the stunning hiking spots in the United States are mentioned below.

  1. Grand Canyon, National Park
  2. Yosemite, National Park
  3. John Muir Trail
  4. Glacier National Park
  5. Mount Whitney


Grand Canyon is one of the most famous hiking spots in Unites States and is well-known all around the world. Describing all the hiking spots of the US, and not mentioning Grand Canyon is a sin. This place is extraordinarily beautiful and depicts a complete picture of the beauty of nature.  The famous river ‘Colorado’ flows by the side of the great canyon. The measured dimensions of the hiking spot are 277 miles (446 km) long, around18 miles (29 km) wide and over a mile (6,000 feet or 1,800 meters) deep. Travel blogging site research shows that it is one of the great attractions of the world for tourism and attracts millions of people towards it, every year. Camping is also done here. Hiking down to the river and climbing upwards on the huge rocks is the most common activity of the visitors of this adventurous place. Grand Canyon is a complete view of a magical world that is imagined in fairy tales.


Another extremely beautiful hiking site of the US is the Yosemite National park, the site is a must visit for those who are serious in hiking. The park is spread over 747,956 acres. According to study and research, around 3.7 million people visit Yosemite every year. Many professional hikers come to the park for practicing hiking because there are around 800 miles of trails accessible to the hikers. The park is also famous for its beautiful yet, eye catching waterfalls that relaxes many minds. The park remains open every time and many families come here for picnics, some people come for the climbing, short and long hiking and walks.


This trail is a very long distance trail. From the month of July till September, many hikers come to the trail to hike. Because the trail is very high and has a long distance, so the hikers are required to get permission from the national park, this is where they begin their hike. Every time, the hikers are supposed to get a permit before the hike for their entire hike. This is actually the perfect place for hiking lovers who wish to hike for a long time and cover a long distance, because the Yosemite valley and John Muir trail are both interconnected, so it makes the distance even longer for long hikes.


This is a huge hiking spot and covers a tremendous area which is approximately 1 Million acres. The park consists of thousands of species of animals and plants; another interesting activity done in glacier national park is fishing. Many fishers come here to spend their leisure time, but Hiking is an admired and a well liked activity of the visitors of this park. Almost half of the park, people are busy hiking. Hiking permit is also required in this park like some of the other hiking spots. It is a well known hiking spot of the US.


Mount Whitney has been signified as the highest peak of the United States with a height of 14,505 feet (4,421 m). The trip of a hike of Mount Whitney is almost 35KM. Special permits are also required here for the safety and security of the hikers which is given from the month of February till March every year. The area around Mount Whitney is all forest areas and gives a pleasant view to the visitors as well as to the hikers. Because the peak is very high, so, snow or ice is normally present on them, which is a big hurdle for the hikers, but still the hikers don’t stop themselves from hiking there.

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