6 Things Vegas To Do in Vegas On your Second Trip

So you came to Las Vegas and had your casino days, you went clubbing, went to a big show and toured some attractions, there’s more!  It’s clear that Vegas is a place where you can’t run out of things to do! In fact, there are so many things to see and do to the point where it’s impossible to do everything you want in one trip.  This is why many people often find themselves doing a round 2 trip back to the dessert.  Now that you’ve seen what you liked and didn’t quite like in your first trip, here are some things you can do on your second trip back to Las Vegas, Nevada.

  1. Zipline

Feel like you’re in a superhero movie by hopping on the Slotzillazipline over Fremont Street.  Bring out your inner thrill seeker against the brightly lit backdrop of Downtown Las Vegas.  Who would have imagined that you could go zipping down the hub of the city at 100 feet above!  Only in Vegas you can!  The best news is: you can take up to 3 friends with you – the adrenaline rush is, after all, best enjoyed amongst company.

  1. Golfing:

Nothing beats going out with friends for a round of golf in the Nevada dessert.  It’s impressive once you see how well maintained the courses are and the special detail that accompanies the lush, green, surroundings.  Some of the Las Vegas golf clubs are immaculate and well known around the world for their tough obstacle courses and beautiful beginner courses.  There’s something for everyone.  Grab your golf courses and enjoy the grand views, palm trees and a cold drink after a long day.

  1. Go on a Jeep adventure

Ever seen those TV commercials with Jeeps climbing all sorts of obstacle courses?  You’ve probably wondered how you could try and do that except, perhaps, you don’t own a Jeep.  Or maybe you don’t have rocky cliffs in your area to scale.  The dessert scenery will captivate you on your Las Vegas Rock Crawlers adventure.  Experience sand dunes, rock crawling and more behind the wheel or from the passenger’s seat.  Don’t worry; you won’t be alone in this technical driving obstacle course.  Your off road adventure will be accompanied by a guide.

  1. Dive with sharks

Just when you thought Vegas wouldn’t get crazy, it got even crazier with sharks!  The Mandlay Bay Hotel brings the ocean experience to you with an opportunity to dive into the blue with sharks!  But what will you wear and how will you stay alive long enough to emerge from the aquarium?  Slip into a wetsuit and wear a suit that offers protective stainless steel covering and watch the sharks swim by you like you don’t even exist.  Your diving instructor will give you the ultimate education experience mixed with fun – learn about how the sharks feed, their habits and how these creatures are important to planet earth.  Finally, dive into the deep and have no fear as you watch these awe-inspiring sharks roam the water just like the Galapagos Islands.

  1. Waterslides

Almost new, the Cowabunga Bay Waterslides opened back in March 2015. Not your typical waterslides, but then, is anything ever typical in the Nevada dessert?  Never!  Enjoy a raft ride that’s known as “Wild Surf”.  This ride drops down from 60 feet before entering some super big, man-made, waves.  Want to try another adrenaline rush?  Venture over to the Beach Blanket Banzai ride.  This ride features s-curves, twists, turns and drops; your waterslide experience will never be the same ol’ boring one ever again.

  1. Eat breakfast food for dinner

Nothing calms you like sitting down at the end of the day in Las Vegas and recalling all the adventures you had that day while planning for the next day.  In the meantime, why not entertain the thought of delicious pancakes at the Pantry at Mirage!  The decadent pancakes here can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  With a 24-hour opening schedule, you’ll be sure to always have a place to go for a bite and some shared laughter with friends or family.  After all, there’s so much to do in Sin city and sleep is the last thing on your mind – get out and have fun and finish the night with a stroll on the strip to soak in all the memories.

The Sin City experience needs to be digested once and repeated again to experience all you can see.  Whether you choose to go golfing in Vegas, taking an off road adventure, you can still have fun here doing out of the ordinary activities.  Discover the Nevada desert on your second trip and don’t be scared to go off the common tourist path!

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