7 Best Places in Rome to Enjoy a Cup of Coffee

Every trip to Rome is like a breath of fresh emotions that gives you lots of new impressions and unforgettable memories. The city is full of numerous museums, exhibitions, theaters, and in addition, it also provides great shopping opportunities. Well, but how to find the strength to see and check out all of this? The right solution is to take a cup of fragrant coffee.

Fortunately, there is a plenty of worthy cafes in Rome offering coffee with milk, cappuccino or strong black coffee of excellent quality. In this article we will show you the best Rome’s cafés where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and gather the strength for new walks in this beautiful city.

Caffé Strega

Spring is the best time to sit at the outdoor veranda of the Caffé Strega. Cappuccino is just incredible there – it’s very thin and already sweet, so don’t try to add sugar!

For those who want to eat, it’s recommended to order the traditional spaghetti and fried fish with vegetables. As for the service, it’s almost perfect in Caffe Strega.

In addition, lots of Italian actors and stage directors often appear there, so you also have a great chance to meet any well-known personality.

Coordinates: 41.908497, 12.489174
Working hours: Thursday-Friday 12.00-22.30, Saturday-Sunday 11.00-23.30

Caffé Strega

Caffe Domiziano

Cafe Domiziano is a typical example of how the surrounding landscapes can have an auspicious impact on the atmosphere and the process of drinking coffee. This place is located on the famous Piazza Navona – a home of the Roman artists and craftsmen. And the “Four Rivers” fountain of maestro Bernini also exerts its auspicious effect on the visitors of this unique place.

The owners of Caffe Domiziano like very much to offer its customers a cappuccino with additional ingredients, including alcohol. For example, coffee Twist – this is a mixture of coffee, cream, chocolate and egg liqueur. According to the barista, this drink will provide you with the energy for the whole day.

Coordinates: 41.899005, 12.473419
Working hours: Monday-Sunday 9.00-2.00


Canova is located on the most beautiful and impressive ​​Rome’s square – Piazza del Popolo. The best coffee in the menu is ‘espressino’ – a unique coffee with the cocoa powder and whipped cream. That’s one of the reasons why so many people in Rome try to visit Canova.

Speaking of the exterior, this cafe looks like a piece of countryside villa with a lovely lemon garden. So, it’s really a relaxing place in the center of Rome. In addition to the coffee it’s recommended to taste ‘focaccio’ (the Italian wheat flat cake) with onion and olive oil.

Coordinates: 41.910291, 12.477060
Working hours: Monday-Sunday 7.30-1.00

Caffé Greco

Caffé Greco is one of the oldest Europe’s cafes. Its interior is designed in the style of ‘Belle Epoque’ and looks dreamy and atmospheric. Long ago it was a favorite place of such well-known persons as Goethe, Gogol and Andersen. On the one hand of Caffé Greco there is the famous Spanish Steps, on the other – shops and boutiques. The staff is incredibly delicate and tactful there, so it seems like they catch even the thoughts of the visitors.

Coordinates: 41.905589, 12.481547
Working hours: Monday-Sunday 9.00-21.00

Caffé Greco

Bramante’s Cloister Café Bistrot

This is probably the only place in Rome where coffee is served in special tall cocktail glasses. But it’s not exotics – the Bramante’s baristas believe that coffee cocktail tastes better when you drink it from such a glass.

The number one coffee in its menu is ‘Bramante’ which includes coffee, chocolate cream, powdered sugar and whipped cream.

Coordinates: 41.899728, 12.471450
Working hours: Thursday-Sunday 10.00-22.00

The Stravinskij Bar (Hotel de Russie)

Located right in the 5-star hotel, this is one of the most exclusive places in Rome where lots of Hollywood stars, politicians and businessmen appear. Relaxing atmosphere and excellent cuisine are the main reasons why the Stravinskij Bar is so popular. So, the coffee is also fantastic there – espresso with walnuts will be the best choice.

Coordinates: 41.909863, 12.477391
Working hours: Monday-Sunday 9.30-23.30

The Stravinskij Bar


Rosati is another coffee bar located at Piazza del Popolo. Marble floors, wooden decor, and wrought iron – all this takes you back into the atmosphere of the 1920s.

Coffee is unusually delicious there. Many variations of it are prepared without the use of coffee machines. In addition to the cup of espresso you should certainly order tiramisu because Rosati’s desserts are one of the best in the whole Rome!

Coordinates: 41.910043, 12.476130
Working hours: Monday-Sunday 7.30-23.30

Well, all of these TOP 7 coffee destinations in Rome are always ready to welcome you and offer only high-quality coffee. So, it would be a good idea to visit any of them to taste a cup of true Italian espresso. You can use the GPS coordinates and a rental car to reach these cafes quickly and conveniently.

Author Bio: Lily Berns likes to write and take photos of interesting places. During her free time, she travels in different cities with her friends.

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