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The 7 Best Value for Money Hotels in Bangkok

Planning to visit Thailand very soon? Even if you want to hit some of the best beaches and islands in the country, there is little doubt that you’d want to visit the capital city, Bangkok . When you do, make sure you choose accommodation that gives the best value for your money. In addition you can use a voucher code on sites like to get an addition 10-25% off your booking.

  • Bangkok Marriott Resort and Spa

Marriott chain of hotels are known for their excellent service and amenities, which  means every penny you spend with your overnight booking would be worth it. In fact, you might be tempted to stay for 2 more nights. Set on the Chao Praya River, this resort-like hotel provides an amazing escape from whatever it is you are running from. Don’t forget to enjoy its superb health spa.

  • Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Siam

Budget-conscious travelers rejoice! This 3-star hotel in Siam is built with you in mind. Set in a strategic location, booking a room in the Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Siam will definitely give more bang for your buck. Get to stay in stylish, tidy and modern accommodation, complete with in-room Wi-Fi, without paying for a hefty price tag. With Siam as the most important business and entertainment hub in Thailand, this hotel is the perfect choice whether you are traveling for business, leisure or both.

  • Arnoma Hotel

What makes Arnoma an ideal choice is that it is close to several places of interest. Nothing like the world-famous tourist attraction, but a source of wonder, nonetheless. Just a few walks away, you will find the Platinum Mall, Central World Plaza, Pantip Plaza, Erawan Shrine and many others. It is also near the Chidlom BTS Skytrain  station that will connect you to other areas in the city.

  • The Heritage Baan Silom

This boutique hotel takes the bag for providing guests a good mix of the old and new Bangkok. It features the Neo-Colonial style of architecture and décor typical of the city during the 1950s. Dine at the Thai fusion restaurant and sample a wide range of drinks at the hotel’s cocktail lounge. If you really want to get good value for your money, with peace and quiet as an added bonus, this is where you should stay during your trip in Bangkok.

  • Baan K Residence

A hotel would not get glittering reviews if it falls short on certain aspects. Well, Baan K Residence certainly doesn’t have any shortcomings where the guests are concerned. Provided with an apartment, complete with fully equipped kitchen, in-room Wi-Fi, and LCD TV and cable, what is there to complain about?

  • Luxx Hotel

It’s easy to connect the name with the word deluxe, which is exactly what this boutique hotel offers. The real allure of every room accommodation is the cozy and quiet atmosphere that is in contrast to its moderately busy location. Every room features a wooden bathtub and a glass wall that gives you a view of a Zen-inspired pebble garden. A beautiful sight to wake up to, right?

  • Radisson Suites Bangkok Sukhumvit

Similar to Baan K Residence, Radisson Suites also offer apartment-like accommodation. This 4-star hotel live up to its rating by providing guests with luxurious, well-appointed suites, and several amenities, including a fitness center, business center and dining options. As an added bonus, you will get complimentary tuk tuk service, if you want to check out nearby shopping malls.

If you want to get the best value for your money when traveling to Bangkok, be sure to book a room in any of the hotels listed above.

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