7 Great Reasons To Live In Australia

Life in Australia, as a life in any other country in general, has its own advantages and nuances.

Since each person has his unique perception of life, some features of living in Australia might seem as the pros and cons at the same time.

So, in this article, we tried to look at Australian life objectively without any prejudices.
Let’s start from the pleasant part and count the major advantages of staying in Australia for a long period.

Climate, nature and ecology

Without any doubts, climate and ecology in Australia are excellent and very often they are the main reasons motivating people to move here.
Climate, nature and ecology
If writing in a nutshell, Australian residents forgot what are allergy and asthma, and they can drink crystal clear water straight from the tap.

And it’s not only because of the nature itself, but also because of tremulous attitude to ecology by the government and the residents themselves.

By the way, it’s very respectful to be scavengers in Australia, since very often they have higher salary than office worker.

And what attitude to ecology do people in your country have?

Standard of living

The standard of living in Australia is high enough due to the developed industry and agriculture. In addition, Australia has a very well designed system of social assistance and friendly taxation policy.
Standard of living
It should be mentioned that the price level is high, but along with it the average salary also isn’t small (about 600-650 USD per week).

Democracy, freedom and tolerance

In Australia, you’ll find democracy not only written on paper, but also in a real life.

Here you will have freedom to choose any religion you like, an opportunity to openly say your thought, a chance to turn your cherished desire into reality!
Hope, it should be mentioned you must observe the law.

As concerns the tolerance, Australian people have no problem with it. How could it be otherwise if the Australia is a country of immigrants? And because of this factor, the country gains another advantage – diversity of cultures.

Diversity of cultures

It’s a direct consequence of multinational population of Australia, which is very good, since it brings you an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with different cultures and many new and interesting things.

In Australia, you can enjoy real pizza from the real Italian pizzaiolo, you can learn karate from the real Japan master. And all these within walking distance of one city quarter!

Balance between work and personal life

When you work in Australia, you will have enough financial recourses and what’s more important plenty of time for studying, traveling, doing sports etc.
Balance between work and personal life
By the way, sport in Australia plays a big role in everyday life and it’s very popular both on professional and amateur levels. You’ll be surprised by variety of different kind of sports you will have opportunity to do!

Developed infrastructure for tourism and travel

It’s a pure pleasure to travel in Australia! Here, everything is thought out how to preserve the ecology and at the same time give every tourist the opportunity to enjoy wonderful beauty of the pure nature.

Developed infrastructure for tourism and travel

It’s worth noting that Australian highways, which connect different points of the country, are in perfect condition and makes traveling by car really enjoyable!

If you can’t imagine your life without your own car, but still hesitating about staying in Australia for a long time, you can arrange long term car rental for the relatively low price.
Here you can get acquainted with the cost of car rental in Australia:

Courtesy and friendliness of people

In any place in Australia whether it’s food market or a small shop, doctor office or a pharmacy, library or even a bus in a rush hour, always and everywhere you’ll meet friendly and polite people, who will serve you as if you are their only and the most important client!

Can you tell the same about people in your country?

Only imagine, you’ll live among such good-natured people every day! Exactly in this lies the biggest beauty and pleasure of staying in Australia!

As it was mentioned at the beginning of the article, life in Australia has its own nuances. Here are 3 the most common of them, which we’ve found in the interment:

Poisonous and deadly animals

Australia is the continent with more dangerous animals than anywhere else in the world! Snakes, spiders, white sharks, crocodiles, jellyfish and other creatures that might cause indescribable fear.

But to tell the truth, death cases from the bite of venomous snakes, jellyfish and spiders are very rare in Australia.

A lot of wild animals on the road

You should be very careful while driving on Australian highways since at any minute a kangaroo or any other animal might jump out onto the road.

Cold winter

In winter it’s not so cold outside than inside the flats and houses, which absolutely aren’t adapted for chill winter nights.

As a conclusion we can say, that it’s very hard to move to another country and find there a good work. And your first impression will depend on your success in beginning a new life in Australia.
But as experience shows, there is no better life in foreign countries, it’s just different.

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