7 Reasons Why Ghana Should Be on Your Bucket List

This former British colony took the name of the former, great, medieval kingdom of Ghana that was just a bit more on the north than the current territories of Ghana. The name itself was a title of the kings who ruled the country, and once you visit this culturally and naturally rich and wonderful country, you will definitely agree that the royal name suits it. Here are the seven reasons that make Ghana unforgettable.

The Rich and Diverse Culture

The best way to enjoy the cultural treasure of Ghana is to start at the coastal city of Accra. Its vibrant streets full of life will tell you the story of independence and modern living in Ghana. Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park is all about the first president and the independence. However, head south and get to the Kumasi. This is the center of the Ashanti region and this is where the ancient Ghana still lives. Check out the Manhyia palace of the Ashanti kind and you will be surprised by its modesty. Also, Ghana is peppered with castles and forts. Cape Coast Castle, Apollonia Fort and Fort St. Jago, just to name a few.


The Ever-Lasting Festivals

It is always some sort of festival in Ghana. Akwasidae happens every six weeks in Kumasi. It is a celebration of the Ashanti King and it has high cultural and religious importance. Dodoleglime is celebrated in November and it is a reminder of the struggles of the Ghana ancestors and their escape to Ghana. Homowo is an interesting festival of Ga people. Aboakyer is also one of the most important festivals and it is all about pleasing the God of the Winneba people, by hunting down deer.

The Gorgeous Beaches

There are many beaches in Ghana, but among the most popular ones are Labadi, Kokrobite, and Busua. Labadi is a long, white sand beach with many attractions on it. Acrobats and other performers are there frequently. It has all the facilities that you may need. Kokrobite is near Accra and it is a real treat for all those that enjoy the nighttime bonfires and parties. If you are all for rest and relaxation, Busua is the place for you. It is clean and secluded and beautiful.


The Breath-Taking Nature

You can explore the natural wonders of Ghana in the 7 great national parks. However, since it is on the UNESCO World Heritage list, Bia National Park is one of those that you should not miss out on. The reason it is so important is the great number of different species wandering this park. There is also the lovely Bia river and the tallest trees found in Africa.

Ghana is Easy on Your Wallet

Glorious nature and exceptional cultural heritage are all great reasons to visit Ghana, but the money factor is not something to neglect. Everything is budget friendly in Ghana. Accommodation can be found on https://meqasa.com for a great price. Food and everything else are also absolutely affordable.


You Simply Have to Try the Food

Every place has its own specialties. When it comes to Ghana, the dishes that you have to try are: chichinga, red red and banku. Banku is actually a side dish served with fish or meat, and it is made from fermented corn. Chichinga is the kebab-like street food that you need to taste. Red Red is a delicious bean curry that usually has shrimps in it.

The Most Welcoming People

Ghanaian people are among the friendliest on the Earth. They are very warm and welcoming and they love visitors. You will feel like everybody was just waiting for you to arrive, and that is a nice feeling.

Each of these reasons is good enough to make Ghana your next holiday destination. All of them combined make Ghana simply one of the top five choices for spending a couple of days exploring Africa and its gems.

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