7 Top Things About Indianapolis

Indianapolis is home to a wide range of entertainment whether you’re looking to spend some money at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway or taking free winery tours. As a great deal of the entertainment in this large city is family friendly, you can bring the kids and immerse everyone in fun and games. Staying at hotels such as the Conrad Indianapolis can put you right in the heart of the activities.

Indianapolis Museum of Art

This museum has a unique architecture when compared to surrounding buildings. Reminiscent to a stack of glass plates, the Indianapolis Museum of Art hosts some of the most profound pieces from around the world. Modigliani, Lichtenstein and many others are paraded throughout the facility. Even the fountain surrounded by blocks, which rests outside the museum, has an intricate artistic flow.

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

This facility has a variety of displays and exhibits that spark the imagination of children. Aside from the amazing structure emulating dinosaurs entering or escaping the buildings, the museum hosts everything from prehistoric nuances to futuristic technology. Kids can learn and play in a safe environment as many displays are hands-on. This is a prime location for children that are interested in anything from ancient Egyptian mummies to space-age exhibits.


Indianapolis is home to a great deal of history and development. As such, there are several tours that are available showing you places that are both significant to the city and of interest to visitors. From sight-seeing on a bicycle to horse-drawn carriages, you can explore the city as guides take you to these points of interest.

Indianapolis City Market

The City Market in Indianapolis hosts a large number of locally-owned small businesses offering food, drinks and other goods. Although a large portion of the booths are centered around edible goods, there are several that also provide everything from biking resources to phone repair. Through the diversity of the shops located at the City Market, visitors can get a taste of the local culture from a single location.

Indiana Central Canal

For those that would like view of the Indianapolis skyline, areas of the Indiana Central Canal can provide a great picture of the downtown buildings. This long stretch of water can take visitors through the heart of the city whether you want to go for a leisurely walk or travel up an down the canal in a paddle-boat.

Indianapolis Zoo

Resting along the White River is the Indianapolis Zoo. It is the home of many different creatures from all over the world. The Dolphin Dome is a local favorite as patrons are underwater in a safe and transparent structure. This gives a personal and up-close view at the marvels sea creatures within this exhibit.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum

For those that have the need for speed, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum is loaded with vehicle exhibits and driver information. From the first racing vehicles of the 1900s to futuristic concept and rocket cars, you don’t have to be a racing enthusiast to enjoy this facility. Many people can find appreciation for some of the most fascinating and masterfully crafted automobiles that were built to achieve top speeds.

When looking for hotels in Indianapolis, take a moment to find one that is located near the sites you want to see. This can help you save money on transportation as many venues are within walking distance of various places to stay. Explore Indianapolis and take advantage of what the 14th-largest city in the United States has to offer.

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