A Visit and Meal beyond Compare at the Indian Accent, The Manor, Delhi

I am the kinds that gets wavered by captions such as, “Fine dining that take you many notches higher”….it was a surge of mouthwatering Instagram posts and some very interesting word-of-mouth recommendations that first introduced me to the amazing delicacies boasted by the Indian Accent restaurant , at The Manor, Delhi.  And yes, very soon the Indian Accent restaurant made it to the top 10 list of my favourite Saturday joints –and for reasons that are more than one.

Well, once I set my foot inside, I gauged it as one of the traditional Indian food places that was built in a more gourmet, lavish kind of a style. There were fresh flowers too. But the real experiences started unfolding when I was escorted to a seat that was next to a glass wall and comfortably looked out to the well landscaped outdoor space beyond. I was served a ‘very elaborate’ menu that awed my senses with its awesome spread and wide range of cuisines—honestly, I did not expect so much at this simplistic Indian Accent restaurant.

article 1.2Totally confused and my wit’s end as to what to order, I requested the chef’s tasting menu. It was interesting to note inclusions like the ‘parmesan papad’, which promised to make ordinary desi food, go up a level. I would specifically like to mention the tasty pani puri which was served in shot glasses placed on a stone platter;  whereas, the mini naans and tiny bite sized buns of pav bhaji were an eyeful too. After an amazing main course comprising of typical North-Indian choices, I opted for a kulfi, which was immaculately served on a stone platter (in a mini version of a pressure cooker); very impressive indeed.

My meal ended after leaving me on a great high. Seriously, in all these years I had been fond of food, but this place in Delhi made me cherish my every bite and succeeded in making me satiated like never before.

With mind blowing presentation, great ambience, tasty food, quick service and everything else taken good care of –the Accent deserves a big thumbs up!

Tip: If you are new in New Delhi, then instead of going around in circles, it would make good sense to ask for directions and reach The Manor with good time on hand –you will certainly not like to leave this highly delectable venue in a hurry.

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