Abu Dhabi – A Heaven Alive

You may be thinking to go to heaven one day. But did you ever know Abu Dhabi is a city that heaven really exists? Indeed! The bliss of this spell binding UAE capital inherently deserves the heavenly touch in all Abu Dhabi Attractions. That is why you should visit Abu Dhabi even once in your life time.

Desert safari is the prominent safari tours in Abu Dhabi. Desert is the symbolic natural resource in this Seven Emirate’s city. The heavenly comfort of Morning desert safari, Evening desert safari and Overnight desert safari are contrasting enjoyable experiences to each other  depend on the time variations of the day. Adventurous camel rides and hummer drive jumps such as Dune driving and Wadi bashing in the desert, are authentic thrilling adventures exclusive in Abu Dhabi desert tours. Traditional Belly dances, Sand skiing, Henna paintings, Shisha and Desert buffet are some of the stimulators of the Happiness factor.

The proud Emirati Culture called to be one of the other divines in the city. It always falls as raindrops of prosperity to Abu Dhabi. The Bedouin forefathers and their traditions, still remains inside the city. Historical monuments and places such as Heritage Village, Zaman Heritage Village, Hatta Heritage Village, Emirates National Museum and Al Ain city etc. always convert visitors to time travellers into the eras of Bedouin. Not only those, Emirati cultural dresses like Abaya, Emirati food items and their customs are also extraordinary memorable experiences for outside visitors.

 Sightseeing Abu Dhabi too gives heavenly sensation as the city covered with numerous heart filling attractions. Sheik Zayed Mosque which considered as one of the largest mosque in the world is a key worship. Non-Muslim visitors also lucky to see the beautiful Architecture and Artistic designs, inside and outside of the mosque. Emirates Palace is another sculpture for sightseeing though it is a luxurious hotel. Emirates Zoo, Al Ain zoo, Emirates museum, Auto museum, Falcon Hospital, Louvre Abu Dhabi, Art Gallery, Lulu island, Yas island are also some of the best spots for sightseeing.

 Abu Dhabi is a hub for its Shopping hotspots. Specially luxurious modern shopping complexes including Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi Mall, Al Wahda Mall,  Khalidiyah Mall and souks have revolutionize the meaning of Shopping to Fashionable and Entertaining experience.

The rapid development of Abu Dhabi is not a secret to the world. Skyscrapers and Architectures in the city witness the development thoroughly. Capital gate, Al Dar HQ, Viceroy Yas Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Etihad Bridge, Rheem Island Sun and Sky towers are the sky kissing skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi Down town.

Emirati Cuisines is the next thing that makes it a real heaven. The taste of Emirati delicacies  are unique and unforgettable. The recipes of traditional food are really savory and yummy.

Coastal line collar cover the city with blue waters. The view of the sea is so panoramic. This vista makes the city a heaven adding more Blue Beach coldness

Abu Dhabi has everything as above. Amusement Parks makes it a more pleasant city of God. Ferrari world, Yas Water world are for you to relax forgetting the hustle and bustle of life

More than the above what else do you want to have to get heavenly comfort in your life time? For more details about Abu Dhabi holiday tours visit Nothing to think more, Going for an Abu Dhabi holiday is a best decision you ever take!

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