Affordable Limousine Rentals in Vancouver, BC

We often mention that taking a limousine rental in Vancouver, BC for a large group is actually more affordable than taking numerous taxis, so let’s take a look at the data to see how a limousine matches up for your next large group movement. Whether you’re planning a company trip, wedding, or looking for a good time with numerous friends, we promise you that you can’t go wrong with a limousine rental.

A good trip to use for an example is one from YVR airport to the Four Seasons hotel in downtown Vancouver. You can comfortably fit (maybe) up to 3 people in to a taxi, but probably less depending on how much luggage you have to carry. Now, for instance, for a group of 12 people, it would take 4 taxis to take you to your hotel as a group. The worst part is that you now have to coordinate everyone once they arrive, which is likely to all be at different times. The total cost for one taxi to downtown Vancouver is approximately $45.00.

The total cost for your group of 12 in taxis? Anywhere from $180 to $270 depending on how uncomfortable you want to be.

Let’s use the same trip, but this time with a luxury SUV limousine. These vehicles can fit up to 13 passengers, and have more than enough room for you to stretch your legs and fit all of your luggage. Planning is simple – one limousine for all of your guests and you all arrive at the same time to your location. You’ll also have access to a professional chauffeur that can guide you throughout the city, will help with luggage, open doors for you, and provide a luxury experience.

The price for one limousine for your entire group? Only $165 for a direct trip, which means you’re not only saving up to around 40% for your group, but will also be far more comfortable and coordinated.

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