Airplus – Find Short-Term Rentals And Flights

Airplus was founded and created by Darien Sandifer in 2015. It is a tool for users to find short-term rentals and flights to vacation destinations around the world. Airplus searches more than 20 short-term rental websites with over 2 Million listings to help you find the perfect place to spend your vacation. We search the most popular home-sharing websites like: AirBnb, Homeaway, Homestay, Nflats and Roomorama among many others. With Airplus, you can rent everything from luxury villas to family friendly apartments for your next vacation.

Find a flight to get you there.

  • Airplus is proud to be the only short-term rental website that offers round-trip flights to and from your destination. Our proprietary Flight Search feature is intended to help users find flights from the most popular commercial airlines in the world to get you to your vacation destination. We search for flights on Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Lufthansa and many more popular airlines that offer flights around the world. We have a database of 3500 airports which consists of Cities and airport codes. If you do not know the airport code to your destination don’t worry, our database will offer auto-completion of airport codes based on any city that you type in. It’s simple and very effective.


  • Airplus is a one stop shop experience for guests to find listings and airfare for commercial airline flights to a wide range of destinations across the globe. Our guests also have the option to search ONLY for flights, ONLY for vacation rentals or both at the same time. It is our goal help you find lodging and airfare in one place, stress-free and within your budget so that you can enjoy your trip!


  • Airplus provides valuable tools for hosts who use our platform. We offer advertising packages so you can maximize the return on your investment. Paid ads are featured at the top of our search results and in various locations posted on pages of our website with high traffic. Our in-house advertising platform is self-serviced and very easy to use. Hosts can simply register and once they are accepted, they can create Leaderboard banners and box-ads to be featured in targeted search results.

How Airplus Advertising Works

  • Lets say a host named David registers his listing located in St. Louis, Missouri for advertising on Airplus. He creates his advertisements through our online Ad Management tool. When a user in Philadelphia searches for listings in St. Louis, David’s listing will be paired with the cheapest available round-trip or one-way flight from Philadelphia to St. Louis and shown as a targeted advertisement with a price. This means David can increase his clicks on his listing and raise his booking rate.

Airplus Features

  • Flights
  • Short-Term Rentals
  • Host Advertising Tool
  • Trip Planner
  • 2 Million+ Listings
  • 20+ Short Term Rental Websites
  • 3500 Airports
  • Global Commercial Airline Companies

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