Amazing Australia

Amazing Australia In Just A Week!

I was recently travelling to Australia with some friends and like everyone (I think?) I started in Sydney.  I’ve never been to Australia before and so I was kind of just wandering around feeling pressured cause I only had a week there and I hadn’t planned my trip!  There is a lot to do in Sydney, I mostly followed this sydney guide – which was really useful cause it didn’t really give hundreds of options, it kept to the main city area and let me and my travelling companions tick off the ‘main’ attractions – the things our families and friends back home expect to see on the ‘postcard’ emails.  So after just a few days we were kind of done with the big city and we all wanted to see some Kangaroos!!

We looked online and found a whole bunch of big sites that –AGAIN – gave us like a million options that would take years to cover, and no real indication of what we should put above the rest.  Australia is a really massive place – so when you don’t have a million dollars and a year to spend travelling it can be kind of hard to get good value out of a holiday there.   So we kept looking and searching and managed to find some sites specifically about a few places on the south coast that looked amazing – full of natural beauty and only about 3 hours south of Sydney.

That was a big consideration cause we had to fly back home out of Sydney airport.  The best thing was in that area was a place called Kangaroo Valley!  So we followed the guide on the site and rented a car and drove down the coast to Jervis Bay and stayed in some really nice places on the way. If you follow the same site as me you should have an equally amazing experience : its  Another one we used that im guessing is by the same writer is  (ulladulla is another place on the south coast definitely worth checking out!) .  I’m not a professional writer so I’m not gonna try to explain how amazing it was – all I can say really is YES we saw a lot of kangaroos and penguins and whales  and white sand and blue water– and if you are ever in Australia check out the south coast of NSW – especially Jervis Bay!

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