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Fun Family Attractions in Melbourne


Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city and the capital of the state of Victoria. While its summers are blistering, winters are cool and rainfall is mostly scant throughout the year. Melbourne has traditionally been regarded as Australia’s cultural capital and boasts several Victorian-era monuments. This bustling multi-cultural city is packed with theatres, galleries, museums, marketplaces, gardens, and plenty of family ...

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9 Ways a Hostel Can Save You Thousands in Travel


Did you know that Hostels can save you a lot of money while traveling?  Let’s face it,  when it comes to travel we’d all like to have the lifestyle of the rich and famous.  However, traveling and saving money seems to be a smarter approach when you don’t have millions to spend.  Here are nine ways staying at a Hostel ...

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Going Fishing In UAE? Here Are The Top 10 Tips For You


UAE is indeed filled with many wondrous things and activities but perhaps one of the hidden gems it has to offer is fishing. Indeed, you may not always think of fishing when it comes to activities in the UAE but there is plenty of variety here. And if this has interested you, then here are ten tips for you. What ...

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Best Holiday Spots in Malaysia


Many travelers visit Malaysia each year on their holidays. They are attracted by the lovely diverse landscape and cultural diversity that this famous country has to offer.  There are some remarkable holiday villas with swimming pools in the coastal regions of Malaysia. It is also easy to rent self catering holiday apartments in some of the superior cities. The name ...

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10 Must-Try Outdoor Activities In Sydney


As the northern hemisphere begins its gradual tilt towards Autumn and Winter so too comes that time of year when late-term holiday goers begin their pilgrimage to warmer climates. An ever popular destination for English speakers is the shimmering coast of New South Wales, in particular the state capital Sydney and its suburbs. While eternal rival Melbourne still trumps its ...

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Things to do at Weston-Super-Mare


Do you fancy going somewhere a little different on your next day trip or holiday? In Weston-Super-Mere there is plenty to do for all the family. Weston-Super-Mare is the biggest and oldest resort in Somerset.  The name Weston-Super-Mare is Medieval Latin for ‘Weston-on-Sea’ and the flat sandy beach goes on for miles with views over to Wales and down to ...

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Beach Holidays in Turkey


When planning a beach holiday in Turkey consider that the local sun-loving Turks return to their summerhouses in coastal towns near the beaches every possible day off during the summer and Muslim holidays.  The high season for beach holidays goes from June to August, with the highest temperatures, the most exorbitant prices and the most buzzing crowds.  In 2016, Monday ...

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Five Must See Places When Visiting Jamaica

Visiting Jamaica

From beautiful beaches and waterfalls to fun places for the family, Jamaica offers a wide variety of attractions for all ages and personalities. Here are some of the best places to visit when visiting Jamaica! The Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, Jamaica. The Bob Marley museum is located on the actual site of the singer’s home that he purchased in ...

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7 Best Spots to Eat Tasty Meal in Dublin


Dublin has been always associated with hundreds of pubs and excellent beer. However, culinary advantages of the city are not limited only with these features. Dublin can also offer the most unusual restaurants, cozy bars and cafes, which will surprise you with the abundance of tasty dishes and an interesting evening program. So, if you’ll get hungry during your trip ...

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Places That You Definitely Should Visit When You Travel To La Bella Italia!


Who doesn’t want to travel all around the world and meet different cultures and people all the time? I guess we all do. Why? The reason is simply, it makes us grow as persons and it expand our view about the world. If you are lover of traveling (and deep inside everyone is) then please be honest and admit it, ...

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