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The Best Arlington, VA Hotels for Your D.C. Trip

Two things are certain in the nation’s capital: there are amazing things to see, and the traffic can be awful. You want to get the most out of your visit to Washington, D.C., and one way to do that is by staying in one of the cheap hotels in Arlington, Virginia. Right across the Potomac River from the core of ...

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Find Origin Of Names With Locate My Name

Sports Safely For Kids

Are you looking to find the origin of a certain name, especially surname? It could be that you have met somebody recently and have not been able to figure out the actual nationality or origin of that person. At times, it’s really important to check the nationality of a person for security reasons while at times, definitely, it helps to ...

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3 Ways your Travel Habits Reveal your Political Affiliation…Including the #Selfie


Creating a truly bipartisan suitcase seems like an impossible task. Sure, we all love to read a good book on vacation, but whose biography do we pack: Ronald Reagan or John F. Kennedy? Republicans and democrats usually disagree on who should be president but we weren’t expecting how different they are when it comes to travel, too. We surveyed both ...

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Top 5 Singapore Restaurants Serving the Famous Singapore Chilli Crab

Affectionately adopted as Singapore’s signature dish, chilli crab is a divinely rich, oh-so-satisfying crab dish stir-fried in a sweet and savory tomato and chilli-based sauce. Served with steamed buns called mantousand crusted bread, this dish is a treat for everyone, whether you’re a guest at a hotel in Singapore or a local. Here are some of the top restaurants in ...

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Wining and Dining Through London

In London you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to bars and restaurants. From the food quarter off of Regent Street, to the wine bars and food of Borough Market, to an afternoon tea in the Ritz; one of the most famous settings for taking tea there is. If you are looking for a bar or restaurant in ...

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Living the Dream with the Live Aboard Boat Community

What is life? Is it all about chasing your dream till the death or living every moment that you live? The same question might have wondered everyone when they wanted to live on boats. For instance, when your share your dream about living aboard then the first expected reaction that you would receive is- “Are you crazy”? Sounds familiar right! ...

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You are Not an Island – Delegate Your Pre-Holiday Tasks

When you’re getting ready to go away on holiday it’s all too easy to want to keep a hold of the reins, and to control every single thing, after all, if you’ve done it then you know it’s done in the correct way, right? Well you might think that but in actual fact all you’re doing is causing yourself a ...

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Make Some Amazing Memories at Chicago Pride 2015

Chicago Pride is one of the nation’s premier events for LGBT activities. The entire month of June is filled with exciting Pride activities, with the main action this year occurring during the week of June 20th-June 28th. Here are just a few of the unique and incredible celebrations you’ll want to add to your must-do list. Pride Fest, June 20th-21st ...

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Getting Around Chiang Mai and Transportation Service

Through experiencing the absorption of the ancient times into the current time in Chiang Mai where neighborhoods are very conceited of the city’s seven hundred year history. Chiang Mai wealthy traditional inheritance and at the same time a very unique culture is a great foundation for the enhancement of the city.  In fact, it is one of the few places ...

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Now Get Compensated For Your Delayed Flights

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According to the EC Regulation 261/2004, every individual has rights to claim when their flight delays. The European Union Law (EC) laid rules concerning compensation as well as assistance to its passengers. The flight delays compensation rule applies only within the EU, with their airlines and from EU to another country. Since there are so many rules, some clarification as ...

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