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How All-Inclusive Resorts Can Take Responsibility


Tourismconern held a survey in 2015 questioning all-inclusive vacation tourists. Holiday makers stated real concerns of big all-inclusive Hotel chains because of their bad influence on the communities surrounded. The survey clearly shows that tourists do care about the poor working terms and low salaries of Hotel employees too. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the global ...

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How To Travel More Comfortably


When you are travelling, there are certain travel companions that must always accompany you. These are designed to make your travel truly comfortable. This way they assure that you reach your destination in style and arrive fresh and well rested! Using travel pillows A travel neck pillow is an essential part of your travel kit. It will ensure that you ...

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Top 10 Things You Should Catch In Bologna And Surroundings

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In particular, Bologna, a capital of Emilia Romagna region, should be your first stage to meet Italy. It is going to be the very thing for everything interesting and informative: learning Italian, meeting people, tasting something classic and typically Italian. The other words, your visiting Bologna makes you full of positive impressions, and “hot” moments. You shouldn’t stop! Coming to Italy, everyone ...

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Enjoy a luxurious holiday in Lisbon with Corinthia


Start your new year in style with a luxury stay at Corinthia Hotel Lisbon and soak up the cultural atmosphere of one of Europe’s oldest capital cities. Lisbon is an intriguing and delightful mixture of eye-popping creativity, traditional culture and business, and is sure to be a memorable and exciting holiday destination for anyone from worldly wise globetrotters to families ...

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3 Great Travel Destinations For Seniors

There is certainly no denying that one of the biggest and greatest advantages of being in your sparkling senior years is that you have no doubt discovered that you have plenty of free time on your hands. This free time can be used in order to travel and enjoy the sights and sounds of beautiful, exotic, adventurous, fun, or relaxing ...

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Fun Family Activities To Do in Bangkok


Most travelers describe Bangkok as “same same, but different.” This is particularly the result of the exotic collision amongst various regional cultures that gives the sprawling metropolis of Bangkok its distinct personality in the midst of cultural diversities brought about by the influx of many expats from all over the world. What is quite fascinating is that Bangkok after all ...

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Top 4 Sports Crazy Cities


As Americans, we definitely love our sports! While some of us might not get to that sport fanatic level, we all have a team that gets our hearts racing during those nail-bitter games, whether it be professional, college, or high school. We also have those sports-crazed cities, and while anyone can argue that their city should make the cut, there ...

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5 Craziest Things to Experience in Dubai


The hospitality of Arabs, eclectic architecture, exquisite hotels, excellent cuisine, amazing warm water and cozy beaches – what else a common tourist could wish for? But what can do in Dubai those who are bursting with energy and craving for adrenaline? Luckily, this cosmopolitan city has lots of surprises in this regard. And no matter how crazy your entertainment demands ...

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Zurich Guide For First Time Visitors


Zurich is often associated with nothing more than banking and finance, so you may get the wrong perception of Zurich as a sterile city. Don’t believe the stereotypes and you’ll see that Zurich is an energetic, trendy city. Most of the warehouses and industrial buildings in Zurich West are now art centers, boutiques, restaurants and bars. The main shopping street ...

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The Best Areas For Expats To Live In Bangkok


There are about 250,000 expats living Bangkok, Thailand. But one of the things that hold many more of them back from moving there they don’t know the best areas for expats to live. There are many areas in Bangkok that offer quality housing at fair prices, easy access to transportation, excellent shopping, and diverse entertainment options expats would enjoy. But ...

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