How To Avail Yourself Of The Best Food While Travelling Abroad

Food constitutes one of the major travel expenses right after accommodation and airfare. This article throws some light upon lowering grub costs by discussing certain issues and covering a few topics on drinks and food items.

One of your trip’s major attractions will be trying out regional cuisines since you’ll need to eat everyday regardless of your geographical location. You might need to spend a lot of time and money having food at the local restaurants, and it is natural for you to try to spend lesser on your food. It is in your interest to restrict yourself to a specific restaurant each day, as you’ll find a better opportunity to check the sights that you’re visiting.

Prior to choosing your favorite restaurant, you may go through the following money-saving tips –

Have local food. In comparison to foreign food, it’s always cheaper to buy local food. Instead of having pizza, you may have shrimp curry if you’re on a visit to Southeast Asia. This way, you’ll end up saving more.

Choose Your Drinks Attentively

Read through the menu card prior to placing order for drinks. Cost of beverages may vary with the land that you’re visiting. Both in Southeast Asia and Latin America, you may try beer and fruit juices, while in France you may try wine.

Find small and cozy restaurants. Don’t get inside restaurants that have touts. You might need to pay more for having your meals at restaurants that are situated beside major tourist streets or at the corner of a street.

Share big servings. A main course and an appetizer can be shared by two persons residing in the US since the portions are much bigger here. The same seems applicable in Northern Portugal, as it’s difficult for a single person to consume half portion.

Restrict your alcohol consumption. In comparison to your wholesome meal, boozing is about more expenditure. You may obtain a usual meal at the same price regardless of the cost of a cocktail worth up to $20. It is a much cheaper and better option to drink beer at your balcony after you collect it from a local wine store or beer bar.

Alternatives to Having Food in Restaurants

In comparison to a usual sit-down restaurant, you may consider one or more of the following alternatives:

Find food on the move – While roaming around in a car, it is easier for you to place an order for the organic beef jerky and other meat snacks. If you’re on a visit to Latin America, you can choose roasted corn, French fries while in Holland, filled crepes and baguette sandwiches while in France, and also, consider hawker stalls, small stands and other food outlets.

Pick small cafeterias and eateries – Local food is often more fulfilling, although it shows up in basic menus. You’ll find certain decent options at food courts present in several shopping malls.

Visit popular food stalls – Identify a few popular food stalls wherein you may have your lunch or breakfast. It will seem more attractive due to the variety of visitors.

Self-cater at times – Apart from the options mentioned above, you may even consider self-catering at times. In case you’re renting an apartment, use the kitchen of your hostel for cooking, enjoy a picnic in the neighborhood and buy supplies.

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