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Bali Island Accommodation Tip – How to Rent an Elegant Villa

There is a place called Bali in Indonesia that you really must visit in your lifetime. It is a big archipelago comprised of several islands and beaches. Whether you want to visit Bali for a few weeks, or many months, accommodation will not be an issue. There is a perfect Bali villa for lease for every tourist.

Renting a vacation villa is advisable if you want to do the same things you do at home. Hotels rooms are not as comfortable and private as rental villas no matter where you go on earth. As you begin to look for a suitable villa to rent in Bali, reflect on the following things.

  • Surroundings – Your moments in Bali should not only revolve around the villa you will rent. It is good to find a place that offers a free and timeless overview of beautiful landscapes such as rice fields, Balinese villages, ocean fronts and other scenes.
  • Interior design and facilities – A typical Bali villa for lease is designed specifically for the visitors. So, the interiors are beautifully designed particularly depicting local cultures and ways of life. As you click on listed homes in Bali, consider the appearance of the indoors. If you have a family, it is only fair that you rent a house with at least three bedrooms, two to three en-suite bathrooms and a modern kitchenette with everything you normally use in your kitchen. Ensure that the flooring, counter tops and other surfaces are not only elegant, but also easy to clean and maintain. It could also be that you will not do the cleaning yourself. There may be caretakers and cleaners depending on the management of the property you are checking on.
  • Location – As aforementioned, Bali is a very huge island. It has many areas that you can live in when you visit. Whether you want a home in secluded regions, or areas with lots of people, you just have to choose it from a wide range of properties. There are websites that list tourist homes for lease in Bali area including classy and beautiful rental villas in areas like Umalas,  Canggu, Brawa, Kerobokan, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Pecatu, Babakan, Jimbaran and Sanur among others.
  • Building and Land size – If you intend to rent a home for several months, it is your right to find out whether it is big enough for you and your family or friends. Your presence in Bali is so that you can have fun, live luxuriously and experience good life several miles away from home. Unfortunately, you cannot have a memorable experience in a cluttered home without adequate space for recreation activities.
  • Outdoor design and facilities – A holiday home must have enough land to accommodate basic facilities for a family and recreation areas too. A properly kept garden, car park and patio are a must-have. Other things, including a swimming pool, gym, game room, spa, kids wading pool and toys, a party zone and related entertainment stuff are recreational. They will mostly make a rental holiday home more expensive. But the reason why you want to travel in a place like Bali is so you can invest in your own happiness. So, if you want the best outdoor facilities, go for it no matter the price.
  • Price range –There are many websites you can browse to find a great Bali villa for lease. It is important to check out more than two websites though, so that you can get a chance to compare rental fees per annum for homes that seem similar in size, elegance, beauty and other things. As you know your pocket better than anyone else, be sure to pick the best vacation villa.

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