Bintan Island

Bintan Island – Singapore’s Hidden Gem

Located just a short ferry ride across the Singapore strait, Bintan Island has become a popular weekend haunt for many Singaporeans.

With few holiday destinations in such close proximity, the island has attracted both families and couples looking to escape city life. As the popularity of Bintan Island has grown, it’s no surprise that luxury hotels such as The Sanchaya and Banyan Tree have been attracted to the area. As such, tourists from further afield are beginning to discover this unique Indonesian gem.

The island enjoys warm and sunny weather most of the year, making it the perfect location to enjoy golf, watersports or simply exploring the rainforest and mangroves.island enjoys

With fantastic on-island facilities suited to the most discerning traveller, tourists are able to combine luxury amenities with an authentic holiday experience. Soak up the local culture at a nearby market bustling with vibrant colours and unusual wares, or visit one of the quaint fishing villages that line the coast.

Bintan is also famed for its array of beautiful white sandy beaches. Whether you’re looking to surf the waves in Trikora or simply relax in the sun in Sumpat, there really is something for everyone.

For those seeking a bit of history and tradition then the west of Senggarang city is a must see – with rows of rustic houses and a selection of original Buddhist temples the area is simply mesmerizing. Alternatively, just a short boat ride away on Penyengat Island you’ll discover an old yellow mosque, royal tombs and palaces delicately placed amongst luscious tropical jungle.

There is however no public transport available on the island, so either be prepared to bring your hiking boots, catch a cab or hire a motorcycle to get around.

The best time to visit Bintan Island is during the dry season between March and October. However, if you go either side of these months you avoid the lion’s share of other tourists. Also be aware of Singapore public holidays or school holidays as these tend to be busier times of the year.

Until now, Bintan Island has always been a Singapore secret, but should you find yourself travelling to South East Asia then a visit the paradise isle of Bintan should definitely be on your to-do list.

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