Budget African Safaris: Enjoy to the fullest

Are you planning a holiday for the African safaris, a holiday with the sounds of hyenas and bush babies in night and singing of songbirds and the roaring of lions in morning? If you are then there might be some questions rolling in your head about the costs and expenses that may caught your holiday glee. A well planned voyage is what that gives utmost satisfaction and sheer joy of being close to nature. An African safari can be enjoyed on a tight budget just that you have to be a little careful of few things. Here are a few tips that may help you save a lot while going for a jungle trip to safaris in Africa.


Plan Your Trip Off Season:

There are low seasons in Africa and if you plan your Safari Toursduring these low seasons, you might get huge discounts and can actually save a lot of bucks. The low seasons vary from country to country and so make sure you already do some research before planning your trip. There are parks that offer quite good deals if you research about these well and so do visit the particular websites and have info about the latest deals and discounts they offer.

 Check for Discount in Flights:

Internet is a great place to check and book cheap flights when you are planning your Budget Safari to Africa. You can even compare the deals and rates from different providers given all the information readily available online through comparison sites and even book flight tickets online to have more discounts. The local African flights are comparatively cheaper and so you can always take local flights once you reach Africa from your intercontinental voyage.

Saving on Guided Safaris:

You can always choose to go on self drive safaris rather taking a guided drive from the expensive lodges that cost the skies. You don’t like to be radioed and then be guided for an animal you wish you visit with a wiki of pre-recorded info rather having a free drive with a freedom to chose and explore jungle creatures would be more enjoyable and add to your pockets. You can shop around the internet and find deal for just vehicle and save on guided safaris for self exploration. There are many reliable car hire companies; you can take references from online sources.

Save on Accommodation:

Plenty of options are available for accommodation and that may vary from park to park and from season to season. During peak season even the lodges can have high rates and so visa versa. Choosing an accommodation option from resorts, bungalows, chalets, rondavels, camping, safari tents or huts may change the cost that comes as a huge on accommodation part. Also, booking an accommodation obnline after comparing varied services may also help saving at least a few bucks.

Save on Food:

You can choose to eat in restaurants of Kruger or Kgalagadi rather Etosha or Pilanesberg as the former have good food and prices as compared to the later where food and services are good but costs quite high.

So even if you go on a budget African safari, you have a room of big enjoyment!

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