Busihub mobile application

Busihub’s Mobile Application Facilitates Meeting of Like-Minded Travellers

There is good news for the travellers all round the world who are curious to meet new people and find about the new cultures as now they can meet like-minded people with the help of the services offered by Busihub.

Busihub mobile application will facilitate the meeting of various people around the globe who have similar interest and passion. It will be launched by the end of June 2015 via Itunes and Google Play.

It is pertinent to note that Busihub has already facilitated a lot of people from all over the world via its website till now and has ensured that there is a positive expansion of knowledge and cooperation between people of similar interest who just refresh and rejuvenate themselves by finding the perfect mates.

The remarkable feature of this service is that it is not limited to providing just virtual communication between the people as the company works tirelessly in order to enable the people to meet in person- face to face, and have the best time of their life by talking about their interests and passion. The company has ventured into providing real meetings of various people rather than providing them with a platform to update their profiles or chat virtually with people.

More information available on: www.busihub.com

Media Contact:

Julien Mansourian

Founder of Busihub, London

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.busihub.com

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