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24 Hours in Havana: 5 Things You Need to Do

What springs to mind when you think of Cuba? Sipping spiced rum and smoking a cigar on a sun kissed beach? Pulsating salsa beats on the dance floor? A bearded former President who wasn’t so friendly with the USA and looked a little like Santa Claus in military green? While their political history wasn’t to everyone’s tastes, the only offensive ...

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Indonesia’s Top Five Surf Areas

Mentawai surf trip

No. 1:  The Mentawai Island Chain You will be absolutely blown-away when you see this Island chain.  It is as close to heaven on earth for surfing.  The Mentawai Island chain, off West Sumatra, hosts some of the most consistent surf spots in the world, and nearly every spot can reach “world class” status on it’s day.   The continuous search ...

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5 Best Places to Visit in Bali


Pura Luhur Uluwatu This can be your first stop after landing. If you happened to reach Bali in late afternoon, go to uluwatu and enjoy the sunset there. It houses one of a few most sacred temples on the island, Pura (temple) Luhur Uluwatu. Built on the top of a steep cliff, which fences a surf break. The entire cliff ...

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Six Reasons to go to Thailand on Your Next Holiday

Thailand on Your Next Holiday

Thailand offers great destinations for those who want a tour of the exotic.  Thailand has beautiful national parks, land and ocean activities, as well as countless festivals in all locations.  It is steeped in rich culture and tradition.  It is called “The Land of Smiles” for good reason.  Thai people are typically friendly and helpful to foreigners. The climate is ...

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Amazing Australia In Just A Week!

Amazing Australia

I was recently travelling to Australia with some friends and like everyone (I think?) I started in Sydney.  I’ve never been to Australia before and so I was kind of just wandering around feeling pressured cause I only had a week there and I hadn’t planned my trip!  There is a lot to do in Sydney, I mostly followed this ...

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Which Countries Has To Travel In Asia

Travel In Asia

Travel is a passion of peoples around the world. In this article we define the place and cities where to visit for entertainment and for journey to which country of the world. When the peoples have desire to travel or visit any place of the world it’s very difficult to choose the place for visit. World is full of beautiful ...

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Panda Bed Asia’s Trusted Alternative To Hotels

Living room at Villa Belle a Luxury, private villa on Koh Samui, Thailand

Focused on Asia Pacific, offers the independent traveler unique and handpicked short term rentals at affordable rates coupled with a strong emphasis on on-site property appraisals. Guiding this operating principle is a keen understanding of a key concern of Asian travelers: quality of properties. At PandaBed, properties and hosts are reviewed personally either by James, Lester or one of ...

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Australian Voice Over Artist Visits a Record Amount of Cities in Twelve months

Combining his love of travel and a passion for the voice over industry, AustralianDave Kirwan has visited a record 40cities in 12 months, all while continuing to record voice overs from his portable studio. The former SEA FM DJ, Weather Channel anchor and Today Show snow reporter now focuses on his voice over career which started in Sydney Australia. Kirwan ...

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Modern Day Wall Art and Tapestries

Day Wall Art and Tapestries

Modern Day Wall Art and Tapestries : Where To Go To Find The Perfect Textile Art The art form of tapestry and fabric wall art is alive and well. In fact, it thrives. If you are interested in finding a unique wall art piece for your home, there are many large-scale events across the United States and the world where ...

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