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It’s a Long Way Down the Holiday Road!

As the languid autumn sunlight enhances the orange glow of leaf-strewn streets and grinning jack-o’-lanterns, it’s time to put aside the woes of busy workdays for a much needed respite of the October half-term break. A quick sojourn to warmer climes may be just what you need before airing out the woolens. So pack those bags, put on your comfy ...

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Townville for a Nature Lover

Townsville is a beautiful city situated in Australian state of Queensland. The coastal city is known for its amazing natural beauty and receives more than 300 sunny days throughout the year. The city is a perfect getaway for people who are looking to spend a holiday in the lap of nature. Townsville is especially famous for the nearby the Magnetic ...

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Travel Guide To Travel From Singapore to Kuala Lumpur By Bus

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, one of the biggest metropolitan hubs in Southeast Asia and considered a great weekend destination for many Singaporeans. The best way to travel from the city state of Singapore to Malaysia’s vibrant capital is by bus. You will be able to enjoy the sights and sounds along the way and experience the best the two countries in ...

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What To See When Exploring The Asias and Australisia

xploring The Asias and Australisia

From exotic wildlife to unique manmade and natural wonders, Asia and Australasia have some incredible sights. Here are a few things you should try to get to if you’re travelling in this part of the world. Enjoying your trip An exotic excursion is often the trip of a lifetime. However, the culture clash can be a bit of a shock. ...

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Visiting India? 7 things you must do in this Country

India is a beautiful country. Home too many nationalities, ethnicities and creeds, the kind of cultural and historic diversity you find in this country is overwhelming. Each cultural group has contributed its own flavour to the mix, resulting in a mosaic of traditions, a medley of occupations and a potpourri of cuisines. To truly understand and witness the diversity this ...

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Istanbul Immersion the Asian Side


Company: Context Travel Price: +/- $79 USD per person Duration: +/- 3 hours Location:  Istanbul, Turkey About Context Travel: Context offers critically acclaimed walking tours for small groups (8 people maximum) led by scholars and experts in 24 cities worldwide. The Context vision is to bring together local scholars and specialists with curious travelers to educate and impassion them; to allow them access to ...

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A Guide to finding a home in Singapore

Newcomers to Singapore will find the Singapore house-hunting experience slightly different from what they may be used to in their own home countries. It may be a good idea therefore to review the information below before leaving your home country, or prior to arriving in Singapore. Housing options in Singapore Housing Development Board (HDB) properties Majority of people (citizens and ...

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Miami Beach Is the Top Destination Two Years Running

Miami Beach

Miami and luxury have become synonyms.  When people travel to Miami, they automatically expect top service, top restaurants, top beaches and accommodations as well as vibrant night life.  This is why Miami Beach is the top destination for two straight years now. It’s not surprising that when people think of luxury, they automatically think of Miami, a city that offers ...

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A Review On The Third Largest Island On Earth

Largest Island On Earth

Adventure to the third largest island on earth, The land of borneo! the land of orang utan! (jungle man), first of all, welcome to Asia!! BORNEO The third biggest island on the planet and the main Island which is imparted by 3 countries (malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia), was once secured with thick rainforests. With swampy waterfront territories bordered with mangrove woods ...

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The Golden Triangle of India

Golden Triangle of India

Company: Go My Journey (P) Ltd Price: +/- $400 USD Duration: +/- 2 days Location: New Delhi, India About Go My Journey (P) Ltd : Go My Journey (P) Ltd is one of the leading Travel Agent & Tour Operator from Delhi ( INDIA ) We offer all India Tour Packages, Hotels Bookings, Car Rental, Air / Train Tickets Reservation and all ...

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