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5 Craziest Things to Experience in Dubai


The hospitality of Arabs, eclectic architecture, exquisite hotels, excellent cuisine, amazing warm water and cozy beaches – what else a common tourist could wish for? But what can do in Dubai those who are bursting with energy and craving for adrenaline? Luckily, this cosmopolitan city has lots of surprises in this regard. And no matter how crazy your entertainment demands ...

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Zurich Guide For First Time Visitors


Zurich is often associated with nothing more than banking and finance, so you may get the wrong perception of Zurich as a sterile city. Don’t believe the stereotypes and you’ll see that Zurich is an energetic, trendy city. Most of the warehouses and industrial buildings in Zurich West are now art centers, boutiques, restaurants and bars. The main shopping street ...

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The Best Areas For Expats To Live In Bangkok


There are about 250,000 expats living Bangkok, Thailand. But one of the things that hold many more of them back from moving there they don’t know the best areas for expats to live. There are many areas in Bangkok that offer quality housing at fair prices, easy access to transportation, excellent shopping, and diverse entertainment options expats would enjoy. But ...

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A Guide to Taxi Drivers in Madrid

Taxi drivers in every city around the world have a reputation for being fearless drivers, yes they are top for knowing their way around every corner of the city, but beyond that, there are some city-specific taxi driver stereotypes.  In America, In New York and Washington, D.C., any cab stand is as culturally diverse as the United Nations.  In Paris, ...

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Use Your Vacation to Make Money

Money In Orlando

You’re working hard and really need a vacation. Even a short break for a few days basking in the sun would do the trick to rejuvenate the soul and refresh the body. But how can you do it? You can’t just stop working and go off on a bender.  You need the income—at least to make up for the cost ...

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Outdoor Gadgets and Gizmos to Make Your Next Trip Safer

Trip Safer

In many cases, people go camping or hiking to escape the world of technology for a little while. However, that does not necessarily mean that you should avoid taking a few of these gadgets along for your next outdoor excursion. You may even find that they make your trip quite a bit safer. Squeeze Water Filter System Have you ever ...

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7 Best Places in Rome to Enjoy a Cup of Coffee

Every trip to Rome is like a breath of fresh emotions that gives you lots of new impressions and unforgettable memories. The city is full of numerous museums, exhibitions, theaters, and in addition, it also provides great shopping opportunities. Well, but how to find the strength to see and check out all of this? The right solution is to take ...

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Business Travel for Men: 6 Tips to Make the Trip Pleasant

Business Class Flights

No matter where you’re headed to, business travel can be a pain- apart from having work on your mind, you also have to put up with long hours of travel and pesky co-passengers! While you can’t do much about these two problems, you can make your trip bearable by doing a few things differently. If you’ve got to travel for ...

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Travelers Combating Those Annoying Airline Luggage Fees

Airline Luggage

There is good news and bad news for airline travelers these days. The bad news? Airlines have collected a whopping $38 billion in those extra charges such as reservation changes, food and yes, those annoying baggage fees. The good news? Florida Congressman John Mica has introduced a bill to cap these fees and Southwest Airlines is promoting two free bags ...

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Best Holiday Spots in Malaysia


Many travelers visit Malaysia each year on their holidays. They are attracted by the lovely diverse landscape and cultural diversity that this famous country has to offer.  There are some remarkable holiday villas with swimming pools in the coastal regions of Malaysia. It is also easy to rent self catering holiday apartments in some of the superior cities. The name ...

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