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How You Can Benefit from Furnished Suites in Toronto


Contrary to popular opinion, furnished apartments aren’t your standard hotel arrangement. In fact, they offer much more than you may have in mind. The next time you’re scheduled to take an extended business trip and your boss suggests booking traditional hotel accommodations, inquire as to whether your company will cover the cost of a furnished apartment. In what follows, we ...

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The Best Paradise Beaches In The Us

Paradise Beaches In The Us

There are many different pastimes associated with a beach holiday, from active to intellectual, to downright sedentary. But whatever your preference, most people agree on the definition of a ‘paradise’ beach: fine golden or white sand, warm blue-green sea for safe swimming, waves that break on the shore providing a gentle lullaby (or more powerful breakers for surfing or atmosphere), ...

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4 Coolest Bowling Alleys in the US

Bowling Alleys

Bowling has long been considered a classic American pastime, and it’s celebrated in pop culture, movies, and television shows as great family fun. Bowling doesn’t always mean borrowed shoes and matching team shirts. In fact, sometimes a bowling alley can be a chic place to go for entertainment and refreshments. Some of the best places to live have the coolest ...

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Budgeting Your Way to a Great Frugal Vacation


While you’re on vacation, you likely want to spend as much time as possible with your family. You can go out to eat, go to a water park, play in the hotel pool or just relax in the hotel room. When you start looking for a hotel room, try to bundle multiple services in one deal so that you can ...

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Beginner Spearfishing in the Keys


The Florida Keys is home to the only coral reef in the United States and is home to arguably some of the best free dive spearfishing in the country. There is diving wherever there is an ocean, but the Keys have a great mix of warm water and good visibility. That in addition to the mild weather give the Keys ...

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Best Ski Destination In California


If you decide to take a trip to California and you’re looking for a great place to ski or snowboard, treat yourself with a experience at Mammoth Lakes California. Mammoth Mountain, which is nested below Yosemite, takes to the high altitude of just over 11,000 ft. and has the tallest ski lift west of Colorado. Basically this means; beautiful scenic ...

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What You Can Do In Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Playa Del Carmen Mexico is one of the most welcoming and famous holiday destinations for millions of people. Its stylish beach clubs are probably among the best in world and its generous offer of spa treatments and aquatic sports can make even grumpiest tourist happy. After relaxing on the beach, you can browse shops and boutiques on La Quinta, pedestrian ...

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Hassle Free Trip to Seattle Washington, USA

America Washington Monument

Seattle is a beautiful place to visit. There are many must see places that you should definitely pay a visit. Seattle is known as the “seat of king country” in Washington USA. From Bellevue WA, you just have to cross the lake Washington to go Seattle. Popular Space Needle at the end of city is a must see in Seattle. ...

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Traveling: New York’s Top Attractions

New York City

New York City is blessed with many attractions courtesy of outstanding human inventions and engineering. City has become a top destination for tourists over the years. Following are six amazing destinations that one has to visit in this wonderful city. Statue of Liberty and Battery Park Built in 1886, this stunning monument was France’s gift to America. Standing at about ...

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Culinary Mexico

Culinary Mexico

Culinary Mexico offers different kinds of tours in the vast varieties of Mexican cuisine; Go safely to places not designed for tourist, eat what Mexicans eat, and learn with our historian and food experts how things are prepared and where do they come from. OVERVIEW: Mexican food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world, it is famous ...

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