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Military Discounts In Orlando Florida

Orlando Florida

Orlando Florida is very thankful for our military, which protects our country and keeps us safe. Orlando’s way of showing their support to both retired and active military personnel is to grant them access to great discounts when they come visit us on a family vacation. The numbers of discounts available to the military in Orlando is increasingly expanding and ...

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Renewing Or Applying For A Passport In The United States

Passport In The United States

Renewing Your Passport in The United States Renewing a passport is something that we all have to do every ten years or so. It is true that renewing your passport can be a hassle and will cost you money. But at the end of the day, it is simply something that we all have to do if we want to be ...

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World’s Finest Destination For vacationing In Puerto Vallarta Mexico

One of the world’s finest destination for vacationing is Puerto Vallarta Mexico. It is well- known for its location on a large bay of beautiful sandy beaches . This is the real Mexico complete with cobblestone streets and colonial architecture with beautiful weather and friendly people with their warm smiles. Puerto Vallarta is one of the loveliest places you can ...

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The Best Playa del Carmen Excursions

Travel to Mexico

If you are visiting Mexico, you simply must go on one of the Playa del Carmen excursions.  Mexico is a wonderful place to visit, and is very big country, so deciding where exactly to go can be a challenge.  From the border with the USA at Tijuana to the Baja California to the wilds of Chihuahua and Mexico City itself, ...

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Destination Weddings in the United States

Destination Weddings

Whether you live in the United States or in another country, there are many great places in the US to have a destination wedding. The United States is one of the few countries in the world that have such a diverse amount of options for your wedding, so there’s no wonder that it is home to many of the top ...

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Welcome to Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach, located in Orange County, is not only known for its mild climate and beautiful beaches, but as an art community too. The Laguna Art Museum is definitely a place to visit. Residents love being near the coast, but also the Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park that is part of the preservation of endangered species of both plants ...

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The Mysterious Bermuda – A Luxury Holiday Destination

Mysterious Bermuda

There really isn’t anywhere on Earth that has a reputation quite as mysterious as that of Bermuda. A place of legend where mysterious disappearances bred all manner of fairytales and fantasy theories, though after seeing Bermuda for the very first time you’ll understand why getting lost here might not necessarily be such a bad thing. Pink sands The pink sands ...

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10 Reasons to Charter a Private Jet To Moscow

Jet To Moscow

Travel to Moscow can literally be one of the worst experiences if you travel commercially. There are many layovers to contend with and not a lot of options for travel. You can easily avoid all the headaches with a private jet charter Moscow! When you rent a jet to Moscow you are instantly reliving yourself of all the stress that ...

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Moving to MEXICO

Historic Homes of Key West

Moving to Mexico “Moving to Mexico”-What does that conjure up? Beaches? Lazy days in the sun? Perpetual vacation? Cheap living? Certainly some people are moving to Mexico for these reasons. But in my eleven years of living in Mexico and through extensive interviews with expats, I’ve discovered there are more meaningful reasons why baby-boomers, as well as people between 30 ...

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Buying a Home in Mexico

Buying a home in Mexico is not rocket science. Buying a home in San Miguel, or any other community with many foreigners, is quite easy. Inaccurate Statement “You can’t own a home outright in Mexico. You can only pay for it and a bank trust will own it.” I’ve heard this inaccurate statement hundreds of times. Please know that buying ...

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