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Passport Premiere Detects Change in Delta’s Upgrade Algorithm


Delta Airlines has changed its upgrade algorithm making it nearly impossible to clear mileage upgrades for ticket purchases less than 14 days from the travel date. Historically, Delta has used the mileage upgrade to fill empty premium cabin seats through the purchase of higher economy fares (M,B,Y class). Upgrade inventory would routinely be available 14, 7, and 3 days prior to ...

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Top Tips For Hiring A Yacht In The Mediterranean


If hiring a yacht is new to you, you might be in need of some advice on how to get the best out of your time spent on the boat. Of course, advice will differ depending on whether you plan to spend your entire trip on the yacht or just a small part of your holiday, but here are some ...

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My Motorbike Tour In Vietnam

Motorbike Tour In Vietnam

So i did a Motorbike tour in Vietnam with vietriderz. They told me they just started their company and i think we were the first customers. We weren’t sure if we should do it at first, but they were so nice and so we decided to do it. They told us their story how they started their company and it ...

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Must See Ports in the Mediterranean

See Ports in the Mediterranean

Are you heading to the Mediterranean this summer but aren’t sure which ports are worth a visit? Or perhaps you love to visit different ports, and will decide the destination of your trip depending on the port? You might even be looking for a job at one over the summer, and Silver Swann Yacht Crew could help you to find ...

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Gonen Ekşidere Mountain Village Of Ilica On How To Get

The impact of the earthquake that occurred in 1953 to 480 liters per minute flow rate in reaching 42 degrees 23 beneficial minerals found in spring water to take a look as founded on full baths. One of the main Gonen district of Balıkesir Ilica is located approximately 13 km away. By going to the district of Balikesir Gonen Gonen ...

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Hell Yes Havana! 6 Amazing Things to See in the Cuban Capital

Cuban Capital

It can be easy to indulge in clichés when you think of a foreign place you’ve never been to  before. You might imagine Paris to be populated by snooty locals, or by people who wear berets and stripy jumpers, and who never go anywhere without a freshly-baked baguette under their arm. You might think of Australia as being filled with ...

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The Bund


The Bund is located to the east part of Shanghai on the bank of Pujiang River in Pudong District. It is regarded as the symbol of Shanghai with its magnificent landmarks. It is actually a waterfront area of Pu Xi District that faces the newer part of Shanghai – Pu Dong District, with the Huangpu River as division line. Here ...

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You are Not an Island – Delegate Your Pre-Holiday Tasks

When you’re getting ready to go away on holiday it’s all too easy to want to keep a hold of the reins, and to control every single thing, after all, if you’ve done it then you know it’s done in the correct way, right? Well you might think that but in actual fact all you’re doing is causing yourself a ...

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Discover Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter is the ideal destination for all visitors. The small town with narrow roads have motorbikes, cyclos, and street vendors with shoulder-poles hanging pendulous burdens of local produce or old houses built at 18th century. All make a picture fascinates to tourists. Don’t forget to tasting street food here Once you visit Hanoi, don’t miss an exploration in ...

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Five Reasons To Visit Bohemian Chicago

Bohemian Chicago

Amongst the largest of the cities in the US, Chicago has an array of attractions that will delight young and old, adrenaline junkies and those seeking a calmer day-out as well as foodies and culturists.There is a certain amount of speculation about the origins of the Windy City’s nickname. Whatever the reason, the nickname has endured long after the possible ...

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