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Meet Serbia Through Brandy


Silly way to learn the country. But Serbia is the largest world producer of fruit brandy and plum brandy (popular Slivovitz) is the most appreciated among them. Slivovitz (Sljivovica, Slivovica, Slivovice) means “brandy distilled of plum” and is derived from Slavic word “Šljiva” (plum). Fruit brandy distilled from fruit cherished on the slopes of Sumadija is probably the most aromatic ...

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The Best Tent for Traveling from Tobbox That You Can’t Miss


As we know that when people go out for traveling ,they need to prepare a lot of things to make sure the trip will be fun and good. But at the same time, they need to carry some easy things ,if you take a case, then all the things need to put inside, if you take a big bag, then ...

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Now Get Compensated For Your Delayed Flights

Cheap Flights Finder

According to the EC Regulation 261/2004, every individual has rights to claim when their flight delays. The European Union Law (EC) laid rules concerning compensation as well as assistance to its passengers. The flight delays compensation rule applies only within the EU, with their airlines and from EU to another country. Since there are so many rules, some clarification as ...

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Langkawi Pros And Cons


  Langkawi is a little tropical paradise with clean unspoiled nature, where you can enjoy secluded vacation far away from the big industrial cities. But is it really so good and perfect in Langkawi? Let’s look without fear or favor at major pros and cons of spending a holiday in Langakwi island. Langkawi Cons Langkawi is an expensive resort Let’s ...

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Discovering Las Vegas

Have you ever dreamt of heading to Las Vegas in the US, the city where about 100 neon lights brighten up everywhere? You know you have reached the gambling city of the world when you see the glow of the neon lights high above the sky, as the world’s brightest spot is the Las Vegas Strip when seen from space. ...

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Huaqing Pool-Terracotta Warriors and Horses

Huaqing Pool

My first stop: Huaqing Pool Huaqing Pool is located in the north side of the Lishan Mountain. Since the Qin Dynasty, the hot springs have attracted generations of emperors to come here to ward off the cold. During the reign of Emperor Xuanzong in Tang dynasty, the place got its name- Huaqing Pool. Several hot springs have not been exhausted and water ...

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The Best Time To Visit Xian

Visit Xian

What is the best time to visit Xi’an? Different people may have different answers depending on the attractions wanting to go. But generally, visitors like to travel when the weather is good, warm and comfortable. Then, the climate in general will be introduced and the concrete situation will be described one by one. Xi’an is a city with four distinct ...

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Kids On Board Of A Gulet


Somebody could say gulet cruises are not for children and if we thing a bit further on also not for families. But when you are on the cruise and you check out a bit also other gulets you will find out that at least 50% clients on boards are families with children of all ages, from babies to teens. Of ...

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Four Most Fascinating Airport Hotels in the World

Travelling around the world can be a fascinating experience, but every travel-weary, worn-down businessperson feels something to be missing. Especially, when there is any problem with roximity or convenience or comfort in an airport hotel. Be it a long term or a short term stay, runway views, cozy bars and the luxurious spas at airport hotels are never going to ...

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Reasons Why People Love Being on a Boat

Bahama Boat Excursions

There is a large section of the world population who adore boats. They are willing to go to extremes in order to own a boat. Interestingly, there are many songwriters who have become famous by writing songs about the experiences they have had on boats, their desire to own a boat, or things that they did while on a boat. ...

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