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The Best Areas For Expats To Live In Bangkok


There are about 250,000 expats living Bangkok, Thailand. But one of the things that hold many more of them back from moving there they don’t know the best areas for expats to live. There are many areas in Bangkok that offer quality housing at fair prices, easy access to transportation, excellent shopping, and diverse entertainment options expats would enjoy. But ...

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How to get to Charles De Gaulle Airport from Paris?

Charles De Gaulle Airport

About Charles De Gaulle Airport The Charles De Gaulle Airport or the Roissy Airport is a big international airport in France as well as in Europe. It is one of the principal aviation centers of France, which name was given after the Charles de Gaulle (The leader of the Free French Forces and founder of the French Fifth Republic). He ...

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Pre-Vacation Checklist: Most Important Things To Remember


Most people would say that their favorite part of the year is vacation-time and trip abroad. If you are used to travel not just once a year, you should remember that there are some important tasks to do before you are sitting in the taxi to the airport. Except packing all the baggage you should think about your home too. ...

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Passport Premiere Detects Business Class “FLASH CRASH”


Passport Premiere, the international business class advisory & fare monitoring service, detected a business class “flash crash” with One World carriers. During this event, business class fares plummeted to multi-year lows in a matter of minutes. On September 8th, 2015 business class fares between several U.S. cites & Europe fell to just $717 round trip + taxes For example, at ...

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The Geographic Beauty Of Iceland


With its stunning landscape, volcanoes, geothermal features, waterfalls and glaciers, Iceland is a superb place to visit if geography is your passion. It’s no wonder that Iceland is fast becoming a hot destination with groups of GCSE and A-level students travelling with companies offering tailor-made geography itineraries. Here’s what makes Iceland such a stunning geographical destination for students and tourists, ...

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5 Italian Destinations Off The Beaten Track

Italian Destinations

Italy offers many wonderful destinations, from world-famous cities with fantastic attractions to stunning beaches. But there is another side to the country where you can get right off the beaten track. Why would you want to do this? You may have seen the main attractions before, or you might simply want more space for the kids or to get away ...

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The Top 5 Middle Eastern Airlines

Middle Eastern Airlines

With the airline industry facing many challenges, policy changes, and price adjustments over the past several years, it’s good to know that there are still airlines in the Middle East who have achieved recognition for being among the best in their class and some of them are even considered the best in the world. Based on the customer service that ...

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The amazing Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack

Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack

If you are a hunter and probably looking for a suitably efficient, durable and more convenient backpack. I bet you should consider the Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack Now, if you are a good hunter like me, you will agree with me that a good backpack should be able to serve you efficiently with food, survival stuff and medical supplies through ...

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Machu Picchu: With Or Without A Tour Guide?

Machu Picchu

There are different kinds of travelers in the world. Many travellers opt to have tour guides with them at some point during their tours. There are those who will always choose a tour guide, some like to hire guides for specific places, where a greater understanding of sites is beneficial, and others prefer not use the service of tour guides. ...

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Meet the Types of Private Aircraft You Can Rent Today

Private Aircraft

When it comes to hiring a private plane charter there are quite a few things that you might want to know.  One of the most common questions that people ask is about the type of aircraft that they are going to be flying in.  There are many options out there so you have to know a little bit about what ...

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