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Top 5 Pacific Island Destinations

Pacific Island Destinations

Pacific islands are good holiday destinations where one can have a great time with your significant other. These pacific island destinations offer all the facilities and amenities of home in luxury accommodations to make the holiday exciting and relaxing. Here is the information of top five pacific Island destinations. 1. Turtle island Resort Fiji: Turtle Island Resort Fiji is a ...

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Meet The Marine Residents of Hawaii


The Hawaiian Islands are known for their warm waters which makes the surrounding ocean the ideal habitat for a whole host of beautiful marine life of all shapes, colors and sizes! These creatures are fairly easy to spot, especially if you indulge in one of Hawaii’s most popular recreational activities – scuba diving! Let’s take a closer look of some ...

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The History of In-Flight Peanuts and Snacks (and Which Airlines Offer Great Selections)

Airplanes and peanuts: The two go together like movies and popcorn or ball games and franks. But how (and why) did those free baggies became such an airborne institution? We dug into the history of airline snacks and put together a list of airlines whose current snack options stand out from the pack. Flying for Peanuts In-flight food was once ...

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Find Origin Of Names With Locate My Name

Sports Safely For Kids

Are you looking to find the origin of a certain name, especially surname? It could be that you have met somebody recently and have not been able to figure out the actual nationality or origin of that person. At times, it’s really important to check the nationality of a person for security reasons while at times, definitely, it helps to ...

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An Australian Foodie and Adventure Holiday on the Eyre Peninsula

You may not have heard of the Eyre Peninsula yet, but after reading all about it, we’re sure you are going to add a trip here to your bucket list. The Eyre Peninsula is located in South Australia in between the capital city of Adelaide and the far west coast and Nullarbor Plains. The Eyre Peninsula features a big variety ...

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3 Ways your Travel Habits Reveal your Political Affiliation…Including the #Selfie


Creating a truly bipartisan suitcase seems like an impossible task. Sure, we all love to read a good book on vacation, but whose biography do we pack: Ronald Reagan or John F. Kennedy? Republicans and democrats usually disagree on who should be president but we weren’t expecting how different they are when it comes to travel, too. We surveyed both ...

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The Weirdest Laws You Won’t Believe Are True

last minute holiday

When we book a last minute holiday we don’t have time to do any extensive research. The first thing in our minds is packing, remembering the passport and checking the weather report. Stop! What we really should be doing is checking the laws of the country we have chosen to visit. Yes, really! We’ll start with one that affects the ...

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A Window Of Opportunity: Exploring The World’s Architectural Differences


The vast range of architectural styles that we see across the world is the product of numerous elements in diverse combinations. These include construction, form, building materials, and the character, cultural heritage, and history of particular regions. Beliefs, religions, and changing fashions all play their parts, and as new materials, technologies, and ideas emerge, new architectural styles become possible. A ...

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Best Online Travel Deals


When was the last time you and your spouse or partner were on a vacation, just the two of you? If you had to think longer than a minute it has undoubtedly been way too long, it’s time to treat yourselves to some R&R&R (Rest, Relaxation, & Romance). The hot spot to visit at the present time have to be ...

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5 Great Places To Visit In Japan


We recently spent a few weeks in Japan, traveling to Fukuoka from Busan in South Korea by ferry the day after New Years Day. We had purchased a 14 day JR pass before we left Australia, which gave us unlimited rail journeys around the country, and we made the most of it. Below are six of the great spots we ...

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