China: From Ancient History to the Present

Long before modern Homo Sapiens were making their mark on Earth, evidence of hominid activity in various parts of China has been found by archaeologists. Over a million years ago, hominids such as Homo Erectus found the subtropical forests and vast river systems of China to be a hospitable environment, one in which they would be able to develop tools and foster generations of young. In their lifetimes, they managed to leave some truly remarkable things for modern archaeology to discover, such as a find in the Shanxi Province that dated the earliest recorded use of fire by Homo Erectus to an astounding 1.27 million years ago.

The oldest definitive archaeological evidence for the activity of Homo Sapiens in China dates back to about 18,000 BCE at the latest. By 7000 BCE, evidence is found for early developments of millet agriculture and the farming culture of the Jiahu. A remarkable explosion of human innovations and practises appeared on the scene, with art appearing in the form of pictographs depicting over 8,000 unique characters around 6000-5000 BCE. These pictographs bear some resemblance to the earliest known forms of Chinese writing and may have been a predecessor to the first Chinese writing.

Sometime in the period between 2100-1600 BCE, the first Dynasty is rumoured to have appeared in China. Known as the Xia dynasty, the existence of China’s oldest dynasty is a topic of scholarly debate. But at around the 1600 BCE mark it is clear that the Shang dynasty had become a prominent civilisation. Dynasties would act as the form of government in China all the way up 1911, when the last Dynasty ended its rule at the start of the Republic of China. Throughout the country’s long and complicated history, the various Dynasties of China have spawned some of the most incredible civilisations and some of the world’s most impressive feats of science, art, architecture, and much more.

The result of this rich heritage is China’s overflowing wealth of intriguing destinations for tourists to explore. From the archaeological sites where ancient hominids and early humans lead their daily lives, to the beautiful ancient wonders of Dynasties long past that still proudly assert themselves, all the way up to the massive sprawling cities and metropolises that play home to the vast bustling concentrations of people making up China’s massive population of more than 1.35 billion people, there is so much to see and do.

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