Climbing Africa’s Rooftop: Kiliminjaro

About GM Expeditions:

GMExpeditions is a Tanzanian licensed, owned and operated tour company providing personalized and direct service to Mt. Kilimanjaro and Tanzania’s National Parks.  We offer all types of adventures:

  • Kilimanjaro mountain climbing expeditions,
  • Traditional and non-traditional safaris to all of Tanzania’s national parks.
  • Beach holidays to Zanzibar and other island destinations.

GM Expeditions caters to adventurers for all budget ranges and pride ourselves on uniquely tailored adventures and special service for our clients. Regardless of your budget, we will deliver to you the adventure of a lifetime, with high quality services at reasonable prices.

Itinerary for 7 Machame Day Mountain Trek with Western Breach Ascent:

This route combines the Machame Route with the Western Breach Ascent.  Please see more information on the Western Breach Route.

Arrival Day: Our packages include arrival day services. Our driver will meet you at Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) and transport you to your Arusha/Moshi hotel (location depends on availability), bed and breakfast service are included.  In the afternoon or evening your Kilimanjaro guide will meet you for a trek briefing and an equipment check.

Acclimitization Day: optional in our packages.  Let us know if you are interested in an extra day before trekking.

Mountain Day 1: Machame Gate (6,000 ft) to Machame Camp (9.700 ft)

Mountain Day 2: Machame Camp (9,700 ft) to Shira II Camp (12,600 ft)

Mountain Day 3: Shira II Camp (12,600 ft) to Lava Tower Camp (15,091 ft)

Mountain Day 4: Lava Tower Camp (15,091 ft.) to Arrow Camp (15,980 ft)

Mountain Day 5: Arrow Camp (15,980 ft.) to Crater Camp (18,000 ft)

Mountain Day 6: Crater Camp (18,700 ft.) to Summit (19,340 ft) to Mweka Camp (10,000 ft)

Mountain Day 7: Mweka Camp (10,000 ft.) to Mweka Gate (6,000 ft) – night’s accommodations with bed and breakfast service is included

Departure Day: Our packages include departure day services. Enjoy breakfast and a morning sightseeing in the city or join us for one of our Safari Adventures. If you are returning home our driver will bring you to Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) to catch your flight home.

Western Breach Ascent:

On the Lemosho and Machame Routes you have the option of using the Western Breach approach to the summit as an alternative to the Eastern Barafu approach to reach the summit. This route is considerably shorter in distance than the Barafu ascent route, but is more challenging and often requires some scrambling (hands and knees.) The Western Breach route is also more risky due to the potential for rock falls. This route was closed in 2006 due to a rock slide accident that claimed 3 lives. The Route was opened again in 2007 by the National Park after alterations were made to the area in attempt to make it safer. This route is not a good option if it is snowing or raining since the rocks are slippery and dangerous.

If you do decide you would like to try the Western Breach Route let us know. The decision to use the Western Breach Route will depend on your prior hiking experience and the weather conditions at the time of your ascent. It will likely be a decision that is finalized while you are on the mountain since weather conditions must be favorable.

Arrival day includes:

  • Transportation from Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO), our driver will be waiting for you when you arrive.
  • Night’s accommodations, with bed and breakfast, at an Arusha/Moshi hotel (location depends on availability)
  • Afternoon/evening trek briefing conducted by your Kilimanjaro guide.

Mountain day services include (# of days depends on the route you choose):

  • Transportation to Kilimanjaro trailhead gate
  • Guide, porter and cook services and National Park fees
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Mountain Hardware tents, mess tents and chairs, chemical toilets (except Marangu route)
  • Hot water provided each night and morning for sponge bath
  • Mountain descent day includes:
  • Kilimanjaro lunch celebration at Mweka Gate
  • Transportation from Kilimanjaro back to your hotel
  • Night’s accommodation, with bed and breakfast, at an Arusha/Moshi hotel

Departure day includes:

  • Breakfast at your hotel
  • Transportation to Kilimanjaro International Airport or to your safari departure location

Packages do not include:

Lunch, dinner and beverages while not on the mountain, tips for drivers, guides, porters and cooks, personal climbing gear, international airfare, Tanzania visa, charges incurred for services outside the itinerary, trip insurance, medical expenses related to injuries while in Africa.

Contact GM Expeditions:

Email: [email protected] OR [email protected]


Call: +255-755-272-475 l

Godlisten is also by far the most knowledgeable on the mountain. Wherever we were people were coming to him for advice. In fact, a hiker in another group from a different climbing company needed a medical evacuation and his guide had no idea what to do. Their guide came to Godlisten and asked what needed to be done. Godlisten went above and beyond and wrapped the sick individual in an emergency blanket, found a stretcher, and hiked 2 hours back down the mountain to the nearest evacuation site and then 2 hours back up the mountain to us. We felt extremely safe with Godlisten’s guidance


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