Travel Pillow

Disposable Pillows For Comfortable Travel

Disposable doesn’t always mean non-reusable. Especially when it comes to disposable pillows. There are just so many places where people want to lay their weary heads when they are not in bed at home. At the spa, a good comfy disposable pillow can kick the relaxation and pampering experience up a notch. During car travel, passengers can settle in and rest easily rather than using the bony elbow or lumpy armrests for cushion. During train trips, the right disposable pillow extends the experience of a cushy ride where someone else is in charge of getting you to your destination. In flights up in the clouds, the lightweight, compact pillow can elicit a sigh of satisfaction from airline travelers poised for some serious shut-eye. In health-care and at hotels and motels such personal pillows can offer assurance of germ-free, bacteria-free sleep and slumber.

Things like SARS, tuberculosis and other airborne diseases spread due to the fact that people can travel from remote areas without many encumbrances. Having a sanitary, disposable, compact pillow during a flight can provide one more barrier against picking up bacteria and other germs from someone else. If airlines are to be trusted, they are the ideal provider of disposable pillows that the passengers can trust.

Because hospitals and surgical center providers are some of the most concerned industries relating to keeping germs from spreading, they’ve gotten in on the disposable pillow market. They usually get disposable pillows from medical supply companies, which are the same companies that sell or rent wheelchairs, canes, walkers, and other durable medical equipment. Even Emergency Medical Services and shelters prefer to use disposable pillows for the person to whom the misfortune of illness, injury or homelessness befalls.

During summer airline travel, people like to travel light. They may be carrying swimwear, beach shorts and other light garments. Often they are not interested in bringing along a pillow of their own. If they do, they can expect to have to drop them into the dingy gray bins where everyone dumps their stuff so it can go through the x-ray machine.

This is where a small, compact size pillow that’s super easy to transport, or an airline provided variety can be a savior. They are only 4 ounces, and are constructed on flame retardant garneted polyester. New for each user, they are an adequate 11.5”x8.5.” A sleeper’s dream, they take the worry of comfort and germ-avoidance out of the traveler’s hands. These pillows don’t need a lot of space, but they are sufficient for aiding the traveler in nestling in comfort.

Having a place to lay one’s head, while worries about bacteria and unsanitary conditions dance in their head is not a traveler’s paradise. Resting assured takes the form of worry-free sweet dreams. Disposable travel pillows can help that to happen.

Some people don’t sleep or rest their weary heads when traveling, others bring their own flat, overused and lifeless pillow so they don’t have to trust another’s pillow. Still others will make do with the seat back and hope for the best. There are a few who stock up on Ralph Lauren, Martha Stewart and other top-tier brands of pillows – and then cringe when they are handled in ways that don’t speak their worth. But then, why do they endure such torture, discomfort and anxiety when an inexpensive option is staring them in the face?

If any product is worthy of trust and created with the traveler in mind, it’s the lightweight, compact disposable travel pillows.

Let’s face it, no one wants to sleep on a pillow where some stranger has done the same thing they know they do with pillows – drool; smear lipstick; lip balms and facial products; lose hair and oils from the hair. In an ideal world, “No thanks I brought my own,” can be a declaration of wise independence and sanitary sensibility. The very next best thing to that is more realistic – “I got this from the airline stewardess.”

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