Easily Accessible Travel Tips For Caribbean Vacationers

Here is the most creative and useful websites ever designed to help travelers in making their travel experience fun and memorable. CaribTravelTips is designed for the travelers above the age of 21. It’s kind of like a social networking site in which travelers share their travel experiences and their favorite hot spots. It’s focused mainly on the tourist destinations of the Caribbean Islands and the Central America such as the Bahamas, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Belize and more. This website provides some really useful and exclusive travel tips to its members. You might think that what’s so special about it, there are always some great travel books to refer to or some other websites to checkout, but the truth is that some travel tips are only available when you actually visit the islands. There are many unique and local restaurants, bars, party clubs, golf courses and other local fun places that don’t have any websites since the expense of creating and maintaining one is expensive for them. So by going on this website you can get to know all about them courtesy of the travel writers who travel to these countries all the time and who strive to provide updated and recent content to all.

Some of the fantastic time and money saving benefits are that here there are many money saving methods provided for local transportation, duty free shopping, reduced golf fees and lots more. There are also hundreds of website links contact numbers available for the luxury cars, taxi, limousine, tour service, hotels etc. Top resorts, restaurants, golf courses, bars and much more are mentioned so travelers can make use of it. Useful and up to date travel tips are provided by the frequent travelers which are designed for people with the carefree travel lifestyle. Moreover the travel tips are provided from the member’s point of view. Here the writers guide you on how to get your hands on the best cigars and to save your money. They also give great duty free shopping ideas and “bucket list” travel ideas. The future group discounts on golf resorts, tours, rum, cigar events etc. are also mentioned. Furthermore event calendars are there and networking opportunities are available so you can get to meet similar Caribbean or Central American travelers.

This website is very easily accessible by mobile so along with being perfect for the people who like to plan their trips in advance, it’s also just perfect for the people who don’t plan in advance and might want to access the website when they arrive at the island.

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