East Tyrol in Austria

East Tyrol in Austria

Austria and its well-known tourist regions have long been a favourite holiday destination for skiers and active holiday guests in summer, but little is known about the lesser-known region of East Tyrol in the south of Austria.  East Tyrol in Austria is split into 4 regions.

The Lienzer Dolomite region

Lienz, the capital town of East Tyrol is located exactly where three valleys meet together – the Drau, Isel and Pustertal valleys.  Through its central location, at the foot of the Lienzer Dolomite Mountains, Lienz is the perfect location and base for excursions regardless whether you are into sports, culture or just fun.

East Tyrol and its capital town Lienz has a long history that goes back as far back as the Roman times.  When you stroll through Lienz, a number of churches, castles and museums will help reveal the history of Lienz.

Over 2000 years ago a Roman city was to be found in what is now known as Tyrol.  The Roman city known as Aguntum, which was once an important trading centre, is situated in Dölsach just outside of Lienz.  The ruins along with a modern museum let guests discover how the Roman times once were.

The castle Schloss Bruck which overlooks Lienz was once the home of the Görzer Grafen.  Today the castle is home to the largest collection of Albin Egger-Lienz works of art and is the state museum of East Tyrol.

From discovering canyons to sunbathing by the lake, in East Tyrol everything is possible.  As the town with the most sunshine hours in Austria, Lienz in East Tyrol with its perfect conditions lets you discover the wonderful natural surroundings.

The Hochpustertal region

The East Tyrolean Alps consist of several valleys.  One of these is Hochpustertal which is very interesting for families and well as for active holiday guests.

Active holidays in the garden of the Dolomites…Green meadows and alpine flowers at up to 3,000m thanks to the mild climate, even at this altitude nature shows its best side.  Hiking routes through meadows and forests as well as crystal clear mountain lakes will invigorate and rejuvenate.   There are also numerous possibilities for cyclists.  Through different difficulty grades you can be sure to find a route to suit the leisure cyclist right up to the professional cyclist.


An isolated mountain farmer’s village, you’ll feel as if you’ve gone back in time when you first arrive in the town of Innervillgraten.  You won’t find any ski lifts or mass tourism, instead you’ll be in direct contact with nature, the meadows and the naturalness.  Due to its remote location, Innervillgraten has only been accessible all year round since 1956.  Here at 1,402 meters above sea level you’ll find original wooden farmers huts and houses nestled in green meadows and fields.  Forget big hotels, big attractions, ski lifts or mass gastronomy.  Here the village’s church (built in 1440) dominates the idyllic peace and quiet.  The town is also extremely proud of its memorial commemorating the first and last “Venetian sawmill” far and wide, which in its hay day was driven and powered purely from water.

The National Park Hohe Tauern region

The National Park Hohe Tauern is the most impressive area of the Austrian Alps.  With an area of 1,856 square kilometres stretching through three national states including Salzburg, Tyrol and Kärnten, it is the second biggest national park in Europe.

National Park House Matrei

On the Tyrolean side of the National Park Hohe Tauern is the National Park House in Matrei in East Tyrol.  Over two floors of cultural and natural exhibition space, you can get to learn and be astounded by the National Park.  Discover the incredible plant and animal world in this nature protected area.  With help of films and visual animations you can get to know the mountain world like never before.

The Defereggental region

On the border between East Tyrol and South Tyrol at the end of the Defereggental Valley is the Obersee on Stallersattel which is well tucked away from large crowds of people.  This clear mountain lake is located in the National Park Hohe Tauern at 2,016m above sea level and is an attraction in summer and winter.

Defereggental also offers many possibilities for cross-country skiers.  At Staller Sattel is a high, panoramic circuit with amazing views of the Antholzertal and surrounding peaks.  Sun lovers will particularly enjoy the circuit and for those that haven’t had enough during the day can also go cross-country skiing in the evening on the 3km floodlit Deferegger circuit of St. Jakob.

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