Enjoy The Best Trekking Experience In Nepal

Nepal is one of most popular trekking spots in world since it is the big house of eight out of fourteen highest peaks in map of world. It is however no wonders that adventure gig lovers and trekkers come to see this magnificent country. Nepal not only attracts worldwide mountaineers, as it also attracts nature lovers equally from every country. The country has some of most stunning natural scenery like floating glaciers and a diverse colorful wildlife. Hence, all adventure enthusiasts try to come in Nepal at least once in life and enjoy the thrills of scaling dangerously beautiful terrains of Himalayas.

Trekking Grades

Nepal offers various grades of trekking. It is ideal for amateurs as well as professionals. There are three grades of trekking, lower grade, middle grade and higher grade. The lower grade is suitable for beginners, whereas the middle grade offers more challenges and is ideal for adventure enthusiasts. Higher grade trekking or Peak Climbing is for professional trekkers or Climbers and is highly dangerous and requires months of training. Overall Island peak climbing in Nepal can be an experience of a lifetime. Over the years, dangers of Peak Climbing have been reduced fairly with help of improved infrastructures and technologies. Nowadays trekking can be enjoyed by anyone interested; it only requires a simple basic training and the following of some life saving guidelines.


  1. Every trekker must carry certain equipments during the Tours, trekking as well as expedition. The trek or expedition equipments vary depending on nature of dangers that it imposes. Some of must carry items are food, water, warm clothes, medicines, etc is needed for best adventure trekking. Affordability of equipments also plays an important role in determining level of trekking that one should undertake. High grade trekking requires expensive equipments.
  1. Apart from the equipments, a trekking guide and travelers are touched with certain factors. Choosing the fixed departure date of expedition is also important. Best trekking time in Nepal is during the months of March to June and from September to November, since during these months, weather stays calm. Rain and snow can hamper trekking expeditions greatly and hence expedition should be undertaken only during months where possibility of rain and snow are less.
  1. Lodging is another key aspect which the trekkers must choose. There are generally two main types of lodging options- one is Lodge trek, where the trekkers can rest during their expedition, and other includes planned lodgings from the trekking agencies, who arranges lodgings, food and all other necessary requirements during the course of expedition. Lodge treks are a more affordable option but trekking with trekking agencies provides a more enjoyable and tension free trekking experience.

 Trekking Agencies

Arranging trekking expeditions with help of trekking agencies can provide great deal of benefits. These agencies have experts with great experience in trekking as well as Peak climbing as Island Peak Climbing who can help you during the expedition. Also, these agencies arrange for the necessary requirements like food and shelter without you having to worry about them. Unique Adventure International is a trekking agency in Nepal which provides the best trekking and adventure experience of Nepal to adventure enthusiasts and mountaineers.

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