Living Well in the Golden Years

Enjoying Those Golden Years

It seems as if you had been tied to a desk forever. Years of hard work, taking flack from the boss, and putting up with disgruntled account-holders finally reached an end last month. Now that you live free of the rat race, it is time to spend those golden years the way you always intended. You plan to catch up on television shows and a few good books, but you are really looking forward to taking deep sea cruises and soaking up the sun on a distant beach far from home.


You and your spouse can hardly wait to start traveling. It has been more than twenty-years since your last trip across the states. When your wife suggested spending the winter in Florida, the wheels in your head started turning. Florida has theme-parks, numerous interesting attractions, and provides one with ample time to do some much needed fishing off a secluded peer. Although the idea seems wonderful on the surface, there is one nagging problem. You have never planned to spend more than a couple of weeks away from home at a time. You are not even sure how to plan for such a trip, nor are you certain what to take with you.

Preparing For A Long Winter Away

Before taking a trek across the country, it is a good idea to take some time planning out your extended vacation carefully. When you are younger, spending a couple weeks out of state in a hotel is relatively easy to do. However, when visiting a place like Florida, intending to stay for the entire winter, some additional aspects of your vacation will need to be ironed out ahead of time. For starters, spending that much time in a hotel gets expensive fast. Fortunately, to help accommodate seasonal travelers, a state like Florida leaves tourists with a number of options.


From 55-and-up rental communities to seasonal villa-rentals, there are certainly places where snow-birds can stay that help to cut costs significantly. The beauty of many of these rental options is that they usually do not require long term rental contracts. Some places even rent by the week. This makes things very convenient for seasonal travelers who want easy to acquire cheap lodging for indefinite periods of time. An RV park is yet another option available to seasonal travelers who are trying to avoid paying hotel prices.

What To Bring

Since this trip is going to keep you away from home all winter, it is important to determine what essential items you need to pack ahead of time. If the items you want or need are many, it is important to remember that most cities are loaded with storage facilities. This makes it possible for people to bring large items that they would rather not leave back home but at the same time, they will not want or need to constantly keep these items with them. According to the Store Smart Self Storage blog, storage units are a great place to harbor jet skis, boats, and other large items. In addition, because storage facilities provide owners of such items with insurance policies, this provides a traveler with an added layer of protection for their possessions while on vacation.

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