Excellent Business Travel Tips From Tadoba Tiger Resort

If you are a business author, a large part of your work will involve travelling and conducting the workshops throughout the world. As you require stepping on the plane several times in the month, you may follow the essential business travel tips.

Eat Wise: 

When you are traveling for your work, you need to eat smart. If you are at the airport or in the plane, look around and find out what the flight attendants, airline personnel or the pilots are consuming. You can follow their food habits and order accordingly. Try consuming more protein than carbohydrate foods. As protein takes a long time for digesting and burning, they will stay longer and therefore your hunger can be delayed in your journey. You should not opt for soda and go for the bottled water during your travel. This can prevent your stomach from getting upset.

Prevent Germs: 

Airplanes can be the home for viruses and bacteria as many passengers from many countries travel through them. You can use the hand sanitizer and that will kill the germs by cleaning your hands. If you can pour in some bacteria purifying medicine within your nostrils, you can be safe to breathe the air and need not be afraid of any germs.

Fast Security Process: 

If you are in a hurry to attend the business meeting, try getting into the premium line which takes in less time during the security process. When you are displaying the boarding pass and the ticket, try to queue in the fastest moving line if you do not want to miss the plane. Try to avoid standing behind the married couples, who are travelling for leisure.

Bring Down Noise: 

As you are traveling for business, you are required to focus on your work. So never go for loud noises with large headphones. You can listen to soft songs with the help of soft ear plugs. These ear plugs are takeoff and landing friendly and are also easy to carry.

Beat The Jet Lag:

If you want to relax for a day in a resort during your business travel you can obviously book a room at the Tadoba Tiger Resort. For more information, just visit http://tigersheavenresort.co.in/. You must focus on timing, light and food if you want to win the battle of jet lag. You can reset your watch according to the time zone of your destination and should only sleep during the night following the time. This will help in adjusting your body by following the time zone , you are currently staying. Try to consume less food during your travel, even if it results in filling just half of your stomach. You can have a proper meal after you have reached your destination. Even if you are very tired, try not to sleep during the daytime. Make sure you are only sleeping when there is completely dark outside.

Stay Connected: 

If you are a frequent flyer and a business traveler, you must stay connected with your work. You can use a USB modem for using the internet. Though there are several Wi-Fi zones, you are required to register with the providers and login with the passwords. If you are in a hurry to complete your work, remembering the passwords can be the difficult job. The modem is, on the other hand, easy to carry and can work anywhere you want the connection! Though the monthly fee can be a bit expensive, but it is worth investing for your work.

When you are visiting any new place, try reading the local newspaper. This will keep you updated with the latest news and will surely make you comfortable throughout your work.

Author Bio:  Andrew Thompson is a businessman who requires lots of travelling. In this article, he is providing some essential tips for the business travelers. If you want to take a day off during your business travel, get tips from http://tigersheavenresort.co.in/.

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