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Experience The Best Desert Safari In Dubai

If there is any option to give the 8th miracle of this world than my preferable place would be Dubai. You might be a little bit blurred by the statement. But if you check out the story of this city than you to partake in the same view. This marvelous city revolves from a deserted city to the most urban city since last decade. You can relish the pure natural beauty along with the most comfortable environment.

Attempt to experience the spirit of the great Beduin:

For all the adventurous mind who require to be an unstoppable roadie like the Beduin Dubai desert safari deal is the perfect. This desert safari will give you the most remarkable moment of your life. You can relish the ride of the camel and have the genuine feel of the desert. The best part is that you can easily have the best desert safari which in my opinion is the overnight safari plan. You possess the opportunity to explore the unforgettable desert night experience. You can enjoy the load of stars in the sky, or the wonderful belly dance performance while having the dinner in the open desert.

Explore Dubai and its ancient culture:

While you are in Dubai please try to explore the whole city and the ancient village situated on Hatta mountain. One can have the best experience about exploring the dry river beds and don’t worry about the journey as you can have both strong and comfortable car with the best chauffeur who will give you the best desert ride. The Hatta mountain trek is another very attractive feature that Dubai desert safari deals have in the package. You can take some of the most beautiful pictures from the mountain. Also can visit the ancient Hatta village. If you wish, you can also trek the Hajar mountains. And the two trails will be the remarkable trekking experience of your lifetime. You will explore the 2Century old landscape while trekking the Hajar mountain.

Besides this mountain tracking the journey you made over the dunes is a wonderful experience. The best thing about the evening desert safari dubai is that this deal offers you most comfortable desert safari with every kind of luxurious way.

Taste the best

Equally, we sustain a good deal of experience in desert safari planning,, offer the best Dubai desert safari deal within the most reasonable cost. We are always trying to give our best to our customers. And we can guarantee you that each and every deal will be accomplished with high professionalism. We are constantly attempting to  satisfy the aspiration that our customer have about the desert safari plan. We have different safari package as the Hammar trips or the overnight safari plan. We, offers different types of package with different scope, so that each and every one of the tourists can have the experience of the improbable beauty of the desert. so if you want to get the best safari deal in Dubai than don’t waste your time and call us at Phoenix tourism, +971552169532.

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