Explore the Beauty of London

Summer is the best known season of the movement: the warm, vacations, road trips and number of outdoor events lead us to move much more than in the rest of the year. London is a tourist paradise and a dream country to visit for every traveler. There are many great wonders and astonishing places that could blow you away. London in the eyes of many is the city of beauty and luxury, some love it for its sparkling vitality and many loved it for its museums , where one could find out the some of the masterpieces envied all over the world, it is certainly difficult not to be charmed by this city whose charm is not limited to a certain weekend. Of things to see in London there are many, but this is the top Places of your interest that must be added in your bucket list when you pack your bag for your picnic.

British Museum

Council to give us a short visit at the going down of the sun, when lighting it stands charm and beauty. At the British Museum, the meeting between the modern and the old seem to have found a perfect balance and it would be a shame to leave London without seeing this prestigious museum. For the little time available to many visiting mainly the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon sculptures and the mummies in the Ancient Egypt collection, but the museum is packed with beautiful works of art. A My advice is to dedicate at least a couple of hours and clear his head and finding admiring the works that most attract you, because sometimes the artist’s name is not everything.

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Plan your trip, pack your bags and be here at London to fall in love.

I know, not even me I’m a sentimentalist, but a walk along the Seine, hand in hand with your sweetie, it can melt the hearts of even more ice cream. Council to bring with you the unforgettable bottle of wine, because you know, a toast with the picture panorama of Paris will surely make you live magical moments.

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