Fire Island

Exploring Fire Island

Fire Island has long been a welcoming area to gays, with certain beach communities filling with action and lively crowds in the summertime. What is year round a quiet area is punctuated each summer by an influx of gay travelers looking for an escape from the city and to be with like minded people who enjoy letting loose and having a good time.

This article highlights two communities that are primarily frequented in the summer by the gay community, but welcome to all, that offer a warm weather island getaway retreat.

Fire Island Pines

According to Summer on Fire, The Pines is a hotspot for the gay community. The beachfront is lively and The Pines has been a getaway for gays for many years, transforming many lives and creating memories since its inception.

Experience island cuisine at the Blue Whale, and join in on the daily ritual of Low Tea – have cocktails and dance along to the DJ’s music while you talk with new people every afternoon. If you’re looking for something quick between tanning sessions on the beach, stop in at the Cultured Elephant.


The Pool Deck is always packed and full of action, including entertainment, poolside DJs and drinks. The Pavilion Nightclub is the place to be each evening, with loud powerful music and live entertainment. If you are looking for an evening away from the excitement, step into the vintage Harbor Club for a high class, quiet evening with your partner.

The Pines will certainly be a new favorite spot for you this summer, come by and check out the action.

Cherry Grove

The second spirited LGBT community on Fire Island is Cherry Grove.

The downtown area of Cherry Grove is a lively place, and full of all amenities you would need, bars, nightclubs, and cottages for rent or purchase close by. There are three large nightclubs in Cherry Grove and dancing along to the music is a popular activity for all in the area. These nightclubs are by far the place to be seen in Cherry Grove.

The nude beach at Cherry Grove is a popular spot, and is visited mostly by male travelers to this Fire Island community. Check out Cherry’s Pit for an excellent dining experience and a view of the bay, or settle in and grab a gourmet sandwich at Floyd’s.

Wherever you decide to visit in Fire Island, the communities are both long time hubs for the LGBT community and are inviting and open to all that want to enter and enjoy the vibrant and friendly communities. Information provided by

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